Aussie Knife Maker Crafts His Own Bizarre Blade, Destroys A Woolies Soft Drink With It

Stephen Miller describes himself as a “beginner knife maker” on his YouTube channel, but going by the work he’s already posted, including this “forbidden dagger”, I’d say he’s got the hang of it. All Miller needs to do now is find more productive uses for his blades, apart from dissecting fruit and slicing soft drink in twain.

Not that there’s anything wrong with doing any of the above. Heck, if you can make a knife as crazy-looking as the one in the video, feel free to do whatever you want with it. Except hurting people, of course.

In the clip, Miller shows us an accelerated view of the blade-crafting process, from drawing the cut lines, through to polishing the handle.

With the knife made, Miller goes on a killing spree… against a rockmelon, cob of corn and a 1.25L bottle of orange soft drink from Woolies.

Image: Miller Knives

Eh, I wasn’t thirsty anyway.