And Then There Was Bitcoin

And Then There Was Bitcoin
Image: iStock

Do you remember Bitcoin from 2009? I certainly don’t – I was off working on a mining truck somewhere around that time. But the folks behind YouTube channel Crypto Gource do, and they turned into a pretty neat little video.

Sourced entirely from GitHub, a web-based hosting service used by developers to manage source code, Crypto Gource have turned the entire git repository code history into a neat visualisation that shows not only who was working on Bitcoin’s source code back in 2009, but how much the code has grown over the last decade.

It’s also interesting to see just how many people end up getting their hands dirty with the code at any one time, especially towards the pointy end of the video. Watching it grow to the behemoth it is today is almost hypnotic, like watching plant life grow in fast motion. It almost looks organic. Almost.

They didn’t just do Bitcoin, either. They have videos showing the entire commit history of Etherium, IOTA and several other cryptos, too. Wild.