ALDI Are Selling A $69 Action Camera. Nice.

ALDI Are Selling A $69 Action Camera. Nice.
Image: Aldi

With arguably the biggest player in the Action Camera market apparently struggling to keep itself afloat, we’re likely going to see a few more action cameras on the cheaper side around the traps, like this Bauhn Action Camera that’ll be going at ALDI for just $69.


As you might expect for something so cost-effective, it’s not going to light up the spec sheets. It is capable of interpolated 4K Ultra HD recording and includes a 2-inch TFT-LCD Display, an underwater housing that’s good for a depth of up to 30 metres and it’s battery life should give you around 90 minutes of recording time without Wi-Fi.

It also features a 125-degree wide angle lens, micro HDMI output and a Micro SD card slot that’ll let you pile in up to 64gb of storage.

While it might be a bit on the cheap side for folks looking for top quality recordings, it could be a fun thing to… oh I don’t know, attach to your skateboard and hurl down a dirt hill. Just to see what happens. Or maybe throw down a well attached to a bit of rope.

They hit shelves on January 27.