Watch A Souped-Up Mobility Scooter Hit 100km/h

Modded scooters cracking the 100km/h mark and faster isn’t a new phenomenon. But we don’t often get to see someone stupid enough to ride a hot-rodded mobility scooter on regular roads and record it at the same time. Today, I present exhibit A.

The 3:30 video takes us on an exciting journey that starts on a back road, but soon transitions to streets with other vehicles.

According to the clip’s title the modified scooter, which is designed to help those who have difficulty getting around, has the ability to hit 100km/h. Considering the scooter was never intended to be ridden at those speeds, it’s no surprise to see it wobble like mad, the rider constantly wrestling to control it.

Exhilarating for some. Terrifying for others. All I know is there’s no way you’d catch me on that thing.

[YouTube, via Geekologie]