This Is Why You Should Water Your Christmas Tree Daily

You’ve got your hands on a lush, healthy Christmas tree and it stands proudly in your living room. Once it’s dressed in tinsel and lights, that’s where the work ends, right? No, not at all. You’ll want to keep that bad boy nice and wet, lest you wake up to a yuletide inferno.

The video above comes to us via the National Institute of Standards and Technology and despite being US-based, you could argue this clip is even more relevant for the Australian holiday season, considering how hot and dry it can get over summer.

A fire is started in both trees and over the course of two minutes, it becomes clear how much of a difference there is between the watered and dry specimens. I mean, I could describe it, but a picture is just way better.

It’s strongly recommended that if you have a real tree, you should water it at least once a day. Oh and make sure your smoke alarms are in working order, just in case.