This Amazing Quarter-Scale Replica Motorcycle Was Made Entirely By Hand

Proud of that model aeroplane you built using a kit from a hobby store? That’s child’s play compared to the work of Glen English, a modelmaker so dedicated to his craft he builds replica motorcycles completely from scratch. That’s right — not a single component is off-the-shelf.

Former Mythbusters host Adam Savage recently paid English a visit in his workshop. On display was a three-cylinder MV Agusta 500 built to quarter-scale, with 19 more on their way.

What’s particularly inspiring about the models is that they’re made entirely by hand, as English explains:

Savage: And you scratch-built every last piece and part of this?
English: Apart from the nuts and bolts, everything is hand-made … no computers, no 3D printers, it’s completely made in the shed using old-fashioned tools.

You’d think some sort of 3D modelling tool would be involved, just to speed the process up. Nope.

I’m not sure if I should be impressed or terrified. Perhaps a bit of both?

[YouTube, via The Awesomer]