The Internet Reacts To Amazon's Australian Launch

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Amazon finally started selling on its Australian site this morning in what turned out to be a rather underwhelming launch. Australians expected a new world of online shopping at its fingertips, and all we got was the same old stuff often at the same price or even more expensive than existing Aussie stores. Here are some of the best reactions to Amazon Australia's launch.

Many Twitterers were disappointed in the lack of a few key products Australia is in need of.

Though there were some exceptions:

Some people found some ridiculously priced products.

A lot of people are imagining Australia's retail giants celebrating what Amazon Australia actually turned out to be.

Overall, Aussies are just not happy, Jan.



    The only reason people were expecting more is because all the media (Gizmodo included) were all raising peoples expectations claiming that Amazon would offer the world without actually knowing anything.

      I was expecting more because I've shopped on the US Amazon site, and Amazon's MO is to sell an extremely wide range of products at very competitive prices.

    idk. We will see.
    I just bought a 5tb portable drive for $188 from the US site.
    The Aus site has it for $294, officeworks $269
    So unless prove they can get the better pricing they wont last.

    Imagine my shock when scrolling down the page reading the article and my ugly mug appears twice with a Tweet.

    I would have thought they would have offered something like what eBay do with discounted items (20% off items, difference payed back to sellers) in the first month to get local customers on board and build the buzz/customer loyalty. If not, at least discount their own products (Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Fire stick, Kindle etc.)

    Must admit the next day shipping option is great for only $10 though.

    My favourite author has twenty-one books on, and one on and that one is more than double the US price. It would still be cheaper for me to buy it from the US and pay the international postage. Finding a bit of a long-awaited disappointment.

      You should check out free shipping and if it's damaged (a US Amazon specialty in my experience) a replacement is easily negotiated.

    This is a classic small market entry strategy.

    They're not cutting prices, because they want to maintain the high profit margins that the local stores have been enjoying for years.

    Instead they'll claim greater "convenience" or "service".

    Disappointing. Like everyone, I was hoping for some actual competition against our (mostly) fat dumb happy incumbents.

    Comparison Shopping at Banggood - Gearbest - TomTop....Show Shamazon to be 20-30 % dearer.
    No Joy For You.

    I'll just stick to google and find what I need at the best price, and still have it delivered in 24 hours. Whats the difference.

    Their range is horrible, amazonau only have a fraction of their basics range, and NO batteries.

    I'm beginning to think the beta test failed because the tester didn't buy anything...

    I think our expectations were unrealistically raised by the media. I'd expect we just need to give them a reasonable amount of time to get their game going. Think of it like a juggernaut just changing up out of first was always going to take a while for them to get rolling.

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