Rian Johnson Almost Accidentally Killed Off Captain Phasma In The Last Jedi

Captain Phasma's exit in The Force Awakens is one of the movie's most questionable scenes. If you'll recall, Finn, Han Solo and Chewbacca dumped her into one of Starkiller Base's trash chutes, and then destroyed the planet. It was an ignominious moment for Phasma, and one that Last Jedi director Rian Johnson nearly made much worse.

Image: Disney

It's no spoiler to reveal that Phasma (Gwendoline Christie) faces off again with her former underling FN-2187, otherwise known as Finn (John Boyega), in The Last Jedi. Johnson felt his original idea for how the scene was going to go down was killer:

"When I was first writing, I got really excited because I'd written a line where she said, 'I was stuck in that garbage thing for three weeks,' and he gives her a look and says, 'What did you eat?'" Johnson explained to us.

... but then he had the realisation you probably just had.

"Then I realised, no, [Starkiller Base] blew up," he said. "If she was in the garbage chute, that means she blew up with the planet."

Of course, that didn't happen. Her escape from Starkiller Base's trash bin was chronicled in Marvel's Captain Phasma comic book series, but more to the point, Johnson and Lucasfilm had bigger plans for Phasma than getting trashed and exploding. "We needed her alive here," Johnson said. "Mostly because I wanted to hang out with Gwendoline Christie."

Now Phasma is back, and eager to get revenge on the ex-Stormtrooper who almost made her eat dianoga for dinner for three full weeks. The Last Jedi is out December 14.

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    Captain Phasma is the biggest waste of a character.
    So far in the series she has done nothing to justify the media hype surrounding her chracter,
    Stood around in fancy armour,
    Gave up passcodes to the shield generators with next to no resistance,
    The comic where she escapes is questionable,
    Frames someone else,
    Then gets off planet in what like 12 minutes?
    Han/Chewie/Fin not just shooting her just seemed weird after they've got no problem gunning down all the other storm troopers on the way there.

    I really hope ,REALLY
    That the whole time she was a resistance spy, one of their most trusted double agents.
    She is so heavily invested in the resistance that she's willing to die to maintain her cover.
    That is the ONLY way the hype around her can be justified.
    And the whole time Finn is gunning for her she still hasn't let it slip because she's a professional and it's bigger than some ex-troopers fued with her.

    And if we didn't know it was Gwendoline Christie under the armour she's just another faceless trooper just with a cape and shiny armour. No where near as iconic as Bobafett they are clearly trying to make her.

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