Reminder: Holy Crap, We're Getting Another Star Wars Movie In Only 5 Months

It's always been years. Three years between Star Wars movies. Sixteen years between trilogies. Then it shrank - it took 10 years to get The Force Awakens after Revenge of the Sith, and since then Star Wars movies have been a mere year apart. But now, for the first - and probably last - time ever, we'll have two new Star Wars films in only six months.

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The Last Jedi opened this week (obviously), and while fans will have to wait two years to see how the story concludes, the next Star Wars film will be here sooner than ever. Solo: A Star Wars Story is scheduled to open 24 May 2018, just over five months from now. That's almost unfathomable for a fan base used to waiting for movies that always seem far, far away. I probably don't have to explain the excitement.

People lining up for Rogue One in 2016. Image: Brian Sims/

But does the wait make it special? It's a question I'd been thinking about even before The Force Awakens was released in 2015, but having now waited a mere year post-Rogue One for The Last Jedi, 12 months feels like a very manageable amount of time. There's an opportunity to digest and enjoy the film at hand. There's still plenty of room to get excited for what's next.

Five months, though? That's crazy. Things are so compressed. It's crazier still when you realise as of today, we have yet to see a single official image from Solo. The only poster released is a simple logo. With The Last Jedi, fans saw the first footage nine months out - giving them a good amount of time to process, speculate, and enjoy the ride up until release. Now, that whole experience is being split in half.

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Soon - presumably - we'll get a trailer, then a poster and some photos. Then TV spots and interviews and before you know it, we'll be sitting in a theatre learning what Han Solo was like before A New Hope. It's going to happen sooner than you think. And along the way, we'll have Black Panther, Pacific Rim and Infinity War - a lot of things to keep us occupied.

It's impossible to predict if the shorter wait will dampen fan excitement at for Solo. My guess is probably not. But it's simply too unique a circumstance, possibly a once in a lifetime circumstance, to not at least step back and examine at it. We just got a new Star Wars movie and another is coming in mere months. It's almost unbelievable.

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    Is it still confirmed for that date? After the whole director's firing and reshoots I know they were still aiming for it, but I haven't heard much since then. Would make sense to delay it since a huge amount of big movies coming out the first few months of the year (Black Panther, Infinity War, Jurassic World, Ready Player One) and Solo could lose people to the bigger films as, while it is a Star Wars film and will make money, I see it as the least wanted film so far from fans and the general audience.

    Plus Infinity War comes out in April and this comes out in May, it would be pretty silly to release two major Disney films so close. Even if it is a month apart.

      Apparently the reshoots were more to do with actually just shooting the script with minor rewrites.

      So one has to assume this didn't delay the post production because they already knew and would have been working on the effects at the time of the firing. A lot of that wouldn't have been significantly changed.

    I've, ahem.......... I've got a bad feeling about this.

    Calling it now - Disney will force the date, and there will be some scenes played out with sock puppets, or, on a more realistic note, probably LOTS of scenes with footage from older movies!

      "Disney will force the date..." Haha, I see what you did there. :D

    But it's simply too unique a circumstance, possibly a once in a lifetime circumstance, to not at least step back and examine at it.

    Word fail me at the stupidity of that comment... Of all the things in the world, this is the one you claim is a "once in a lifetime circumstance" that requires examination.

    F#%k me...

    Let's just hope this is actually good. If it's not, Disney really will have shot themselves in the foot when it comes to Star Wars and a lack of direction or new ideas.

    They just severely damaged Star Wars as a video game franchise with Battlefront 2. TLJ is really disappointing and destroyed all the enthusiasm people had for the new trilogy after TFA. It had a lot of promise, despite being a remake. It is excused for this for setting up great new characters. TLJ did nothing with them. Well Kylo and Rey are still good.

    Rogue One was good but it was just filling in some details and telling a story related to another film. Nostalgia, but yeah TLJ is when we get cool new stuff. Nope.

    TLJ had nothing interesting and mostly anything interesting was just variations of what we've seen before. No grand new, or epic story. Just generic, rebels chased from base, old jedi not wanting to train new. Throne room showdown, villains showdown. Milked things from Empire and Return of the Jedi. Only unique plot was self contained, pointless and no one liked it.

    Solo like Rogue One is just filling in some stuff we don't need. If it literally is the plot points we know of Han from the other films, what's the point? Here he is meeting Chewie, here he is winning the falcon, look here is his buddy Lando oh and here is the kessel run.

    The Nostalgia and going back would probably be more tolerable if TLJ hadn't been so shitty.

      When I was younger I really enjoyed the Han Solo novels, granted they probably don't stand up as well at my age now, but there was some good stuff in there. At one stage I wrote out a plot for a Han Solo movie based around those books, wish I could remember it as the few I showed it too thought it was okay. I hope this movie is a fitting tribute to some iconic characters.

        I bet those that wrote the Solo movie have never read the novels. It seems they're making an effort to just do their own thing.

        It's kind of like shitty comic book movies. Why not just adapt a comic book? The story is already there.

    disney is not getting a single cent from me
    I don't care about their fan fiction

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