Oh Look, iOS 11 Had Yet Another Phone-Breaking Bug

Ever since it launched in September, iOS 11 has been riddled with glitches, bad UI decisions and general lack of attention to detail. On Friday night, Apple's problems got a little worse with a notifications bug that sent iPhones and iPads running the software into a constant cycle of crashing and rebooting, forcing Apple to issue an immediate update.

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As explained by iMore and software engineer Yoshimasa Niwa, the bug appears to cause iOS 11's local notifications service to consume massive amounts of memory, crashing "springboard, the iPhone and iPad windowing manager."

User reports first compiled on Reddit confirmed that the bug occurred while using any third-party "app that has local notifications with repeating settings (this means apps that don't rely on a server in order to notify you, e.g. Headspace, Calm, or any other apps that use notifications that work on aeroplane mode)," after an affected device's clock hit 12:15am on December 2.

Apple has moved quickly to fix the phone-breaking bug, breaking usual precedent to release iOS 11.2 on Saturday (three days earlier than its regular Tuesday release schedule). While it fixes the local notifications bug, per the Verge, it also introduces a number of new features including brand new peer-to-peer payments service Apple Pay Cash and wireless fast-charging modes for iPhone X and iPhone 8 lines.

But to install the update, users need to get past all the crashing, which might mean they will have to go into their settings menu and turn off "Allow notifications" for each application which might be affected. A quicker fix might be to simply roll back the device's internal clock, but this could possibly mess with your phone, so it's very much not recommended.

This Y2k-esque bug is not exactly the greatest thing that could happen to Apple right now; as MacWorld noted, iOS 11.1.2 was originally intended to fix a bug that turned off iPhone X screens in the cold, which itself followed a prior 11.1.1 update intended to take care of an auto-correct error.

Hey, could be worse: It's not as bad as the macOS High Sierra flaw that allowed anyone to get administrative access to virtually any user account just by clicking unlock a bunch of times.

Soon we'll find out that all these problems stem from an Apple engineer using iOS to run a bitcoin-mining botnet or something, but in the meantime people are beginning to lose patience.

Apple did not respond to Gizmodo's request for comment on this story, and we'll update if we hear back.




    Ah it doesn't matter. As far as the sheep are concerned, it just works. That's about as deep as their brains work.

    Last edited 03/12/17 1:48 pm

      Do you trot out the same line when Android has a security vulnerability, or when Note 7s exploded?

        Ah, here's a Sheeple now.

          Two groups of people so very passionate about who has the better phone operating system, you should all just have an orgy and get it out of your system.

        I bag out things of Android if they're not up to snuff. Mostly Android doesn't release phones and updates that are riddled with bugs and problems to the extent of this latest iOS update. When Steve was around things were a lot better but since Cook took over, every update has been bug infested. Sad but true.

          Yeah, except you didn't bag out iOS did you. You bagged out iOS users in order to boost your own self esteem.

          Nice job.

    iOS works great on the iPhone X, but is an abomination on an iPad.

    Apple.. The new Pear.

    So both iOS 11 and macOS Sierra have had pretty significant bugs since their release. But what I want to understand is, what are the ground-breaking new features that make the pain worth it? Neither iOS or macOS has had a sufficiently major update to warrant these kinds of defects.

    Apple really need to stop with the insanity that is mandatory 12 month updates, or look at ways to better decouple application ("feature") updates from core OS updates.

      Android went down this line years ago. Now even the keyboard updates through the Play Store. Apple and Android are mostly at parity now and there isn't really anywhere to go. The first few years of smartphones saw leaps and bounds in tech, but not it's just a little bit faster, a little higher resolution or a little more efficient.

    I've been running iOS 11 on my iPhone 7 since it was first in beta. With the first few beta updates there was alot of bugs as to be expected. However since the launch I've been running the beta still and I've encountered no bugs that I know of. Maybe I'm just lucky enough to not get the bugs, maybe it's the more recent phone model.

    I am an Apple fanboy but I have to say I love the design and theme of iOS 11 unlike most people. These bugs everyone else is experiencing sucks but I'm sure more people are having a bug free experience.

      I’m with you. No bugs or issues whatsoever. It’s always news to me when I read it’s “been riddled with glitches, bad UI decisions and general lack of attention to detail”.
      I’m in the X and love the UI

    Well I got sick and tired of all the CRAP on BOTH sides of the fence. I was quite happy with my Synbian phone without bugs,virusses or any of the above when Lo and behold the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, decided to KEEP developing that and Microsoft bought them out. I tried Android and I tried IOS, now I'm with a 4 year old Windows Phone (Lumia 1020) It is 4G, full GPS, NFC with wallet, 41Mp camera /Xenon flash/RAW, HD audio recording,an adequate app store, 32Gb of storage,2Gb ram,AMOLED screen, dual core snapdragon@1.5Ghz. BAsically pretty much everything you get NOW but without the CRAP.

      It's a shame they are discontinuing the OS.

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