Nicolas Cage Makes The Perfect Kill-Crazy Parent In First Trailer For Horror Comedy Mum And Dad

Since winning his Oscar in 1995 for Leaving Las Vegas, Nicolas Cage's career choices have veered from "eccentric" to "bizarre." But horror comedy Mum and Dad - which reunites the star with his Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance co-director, Brian Taylor - looks like the perfect marriage of material and performer.

A satire of suburban life, Mum and Dad imagines a sudden phenomenon in which exasperated parents - including Cage and Selma Blair, who plays his wife - are suddenly seized by the uncontrollable urge to brutally murder their children. This sounds horrifying, but unlike in, say, The Shining, the theme is very clearly played for laughs here, especially with Cage's trademark flailings. Never before has "The Hokey Pokey" sounded so giggle-inducingly sinister. Here's the official trailer:

So... what's gonna happen to Cage's character when his parents show up?You can check out our review from Fantastic Fest here - and find out even more on January 19, when Mum and Dad arrives in theatres, on VOD, and in digital HD.

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