Is The Next Alien Movie In Trouble?

Is The Next Alien Movie In Trouble?

Is Laura Dern returning to Jurassic Park? Will Polaris finally state “Magneto was right!” in the series finale of The Gifted? What dark magic hath Paddington wrought in his movie sequel? Plus, images from Black Panther, an official title for Tremors 6 and more! That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, Morning Spoilers!

Alien: Covenant 2

AVP Galaxy has found someone who claims that Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant sequel, which will focus/would have focused primarily on Michael Fassbender’s android David instead of the titular xenomorphs, has been quietly canceled by Fox following lacklustre response to the movie. The information comes from a forum member named “HumanMedia,” who claims to have worked on Covenant, which means you should probably grabbing giant handfuls of salt and clutching them closely to your chest.

The sequel to Covenant was originally due to start preproduction this month [September 2017] in Sydney. After the box office results filming was canceled, and a warehouse storage unit full of stuff was auctioned off a few months ago. So the original plan of pumping out another quickly has definitely changed with no immediate plans for anything.

The next Alien film may have indeed been killed, but it seems just as likely that the project is being shelved so those involved can rework the story and script.

Black Panther

The newsstand edition of the latest issue of Empire shows off Black Panther’s vibranium armour — now flecked with neon purple striping.

Inside the issue, an interview with Michael B. Jordan reveals playing Erik Killmonger took the actor to a “dark place.”

It took me to a dark place. Honestly, I can’t really go through all I went through to get into it because I want to keep that close to me. But it stuck with me afterwards… Chadwick’s a very talented dude. There’s a lot of physical moments and action sequences throughout this film that cause us to really challenge ourselves, and also fall deeper into character.

It’s an all-black cast for the most part and it’s set in Africa, but it’s universal in so many ways to everybody around the world, so I feel like it’s something that everybody can take something from.

The same article also features two new images from the film.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

During the Los Angeles premiere of Downsizing, Laura Dern played coy when asked by Entertainment Tonight if she’d be making a cameo as Dr. Ellie Sattler.

[It] could be fun. I mean, I love Ellie Sattler. She’s a tough feminist, come on! We need her back.

Avengers 4

Scarlett Johansson has wrapped filming.

Tremors 6: A Cold Day in Hell

/Film reports the upcoming Tremors sequel set inside an Arctic research station is now officially titled Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell.

Paddington 2

An action-oriented domestic trailer for the Paddington sequel has also been released.

The Gifted

During a recent TV Line Q&A, Emma Dumont stated Polaris will be “coming into her own” in January 15’s season finale.

It’s funny, I’ve been having conversations with the writers and Matt Nix, our creator, about Lorna and that exact thing. She seems so strong and confident all the time — like, we only see very small moments of weakness from her — but what she’s coming into is maybe not her own, but her chosen path, the path she was born into, which is really interesting.

Each episode we start with a flashback of a character’s history and the finale is hers, and her journey is really, really heartbreaking. She kind of has to decide, ‘What’s the difference between something you’re supposed to be and something you believe in?’ She knows about this guy who may or may not be her father — I mean, he is, and she kind of hates Magneto. She hates what everyone says about him because everyone in the world she’s in said he was bad and evil — so she’s sort of like, ‘Gosh, I believe the same things as this man. Does that make me bad, or does this mean I’m a fighter?’

We see her work through that in Episode 12 and 13 [the season finale], and in the end we find out what her decision is. This is the phrase I like to use: ‘She pulls something out of thin air.’

The 100

Showrunner Jason Rothenberg has been leaking screenshots and behind-the-scenes photos from season five on his official Twitter page.

Van Helsing

Spoiler TV has images from the season finale of Van Helsing, “Black Days.” More at the link.


Finally, here’s a promo for January 2’s episode of Runaways, “Doomsday.”