If You Want To Maximise Your Workouts, The HR+ Earphones Are A Game Changer

If You Want To Maximise Your Workouts, The HR+ Earphones Are A Game Changer

Exercise is important, obviously — it’s a thing you want to be doing — but equally as important is how you exercise. To get the best from your workouts you want to maximise your physical activity and — crucially — tailor it to your specific needs.

That’s where Bioconnected’s HR+ earphones come in.

Ben Lawrence (ex-Olympic athlete and Australian record holder for the 10,000m run) describes the HR+ earphones as being like “a coach, a fitbit & beats earphones with a heart rate chest monitor” all wrapped into one — but what it really does is provide you with the data you need to get the best run possible.

Or the best yoga session. Or the best HIIT session. Whatever it is you like to do for exercise, Bioconnected’s HR+ earphones can help.

BioConnected HR+ contains biosensing technology that measures your Heart Rate & Heart Rate Variability from your ear without the need of a chest strap. This gives you the clearest picture of how your body is performing during your workout.

Heart Rate Variability is the real game changer. Everyone understands what heart rate is, but heart rate variability lets you know how hard you should be training, when you should be recovering and when to train harder. If your HRV drops from day to day it is very likely that you may get ill or injured if you continue to train — so understanding this is vital.

Bioconnected HR+ earphones makes complete sense. If you like to listen to music or podcasts whilst exercising why carry a secondary measurement device like a watch or a Fitbit? Why not use your earphones to track progress? Your ears are one of the most effective places to measure heart rate and blood flow and Bioconnected’s HR+ earphones have been designed by sports scientists to create a scientifically accurate, clinical grade heart rate and heart rate variability.

With the HR+ earphones you literally have the best lab equipment in the smallest possible device.

And much like other devices, you can track all your data via a mobile phone app, but unlike other devices you don’t actually need to! The HR+ earphones feature an audio coach who can relay information back to you as you exercise, helping you maintain the performance you need in order to hit your exercise targets — whether that’s staying at fat burning range, or pushing yourself to your maximum threshold. Regardless of your target, Bioconnected’s HR+ earphones can help you get there.

The HR+ earphones are well designed, well made and fit into your ears perfectly. I’ve always had problems with buds falling out of my ears whilst walking, but HR+ has a ‘shark fin’ stabiliser that works brilliantly, to the point where I literally couldn’t shake the earphones from my head if I tried. It’s ideal — the last thing you want to worry about whilst doing your workout is having to put your earphones back in.

Best of all, the sound quality is amazing! If you’re looking for a device to help track your output, or push yourself to new limits, Bioconnected’s HR+ earphones are perfect.

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