How Netflix Can Help You Trick The Kids Into Going To Bed Early On New Years Eve

If you have younglings, New Years Eve is a little different in your home. Do they stay up, bleary eyed, to watch the fireworks and count down?

Or do you fool them, mastermind-style, into thinking NYE has already happened and they can go to bed now so you can have a moment's peace for once in your life?

*deep breath*

For the fourth year in a row, Netflix has NYE on-demand countdowns - designed so kids can celebrate the most exciting 10 seconds of the year at any time, without having to stay up until the clock strikes midnight.

"The NYE on-demand countdowns also mean that kids can celebrate with their parents as they count in the NY," says Netflix, "so while the parents are toasting their besties, the kids are bringing in the new year with their favourite Netflix character."

Your kids can ring in 2018 with their favourite characters from nine different shows - including Trollhunters, Beat Bugs, True and the Rainbow Kingdom - and we can tuck them in at a decent hour so they aren't in that ridiculous over-tired and annoying state in the morning.

Just search "New Year's Eve Countdown" or "Countdown," and the countdowns will be included in the Kids row under a celebratory "2018" icon.

Television - the greatest babysitter of them all.

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