Google's Developer Policy Now Prohibits Android Lockscreen Ads

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Ads in smartphone apps are already annoying, but did they have to go and put them on your lockscreen too? It looks like some developers may have pushed their luck; Google has updated its Policy Center to explicitly call out -- and prohibit -- apps from showing advertising on Android lockscreens.

Google's Developer Policy Center does a good job of not only describing, but showing what sort of advertising is not OK. A new section has appeared on the page, specifically targeting everyone's new favourite ad type:

Lockscreen Monetization Unless the exclusive purpose of the app is that of a lockscreen, apps may not introduce ads or features that monetize the locked display of a device.

The succinct rule leaves a little wriggle room for lockscreen apps themselves, but for everything else, it's now a no-go zone.

Hopefully Google will be proactive in removing apps that go against this policy, but at the very least, it should significantly curtail the appearance of new apps and updates that try to cash in on your lockscreen.

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    Ads on the lock screen, what an awesome idea. Maybe ads can come out of the speakers when you’ve plugged it in to charge, too?

    Yeah , adds just take the fun right out of it .
    Wouldn't it be nice if every app had the option to be totally add free with a small fee .
    I would rather pay for every app than have adds.
    Another wee thing google could maybe look at regarding apps , and that is apps being reasonably current with updstes .
    I was looking at an app on the play store the other day and is last update was over a year ago .
    If apps have been abandoned by their developers ,
    imo they should not be in the play store .

    Best news from Google in a long time!
    I actually removed an app yesterday due to it's spammy lock-screen ads and notifications that couldn't be turned off.

    Ads in apps? More reasons to avoid Android like the std ridden plague it is.

      Because IOS apps totally dont have ads in them at all........

        Only ad serving apps on my iPhone are web browsers. I’m sure there are plenty of apps with ads. Have seen a few in the past, but nothing like the some of the crappy UX I’ve witnessed on ‘free’ Android apps.

        I don’t know, the factory experience of Android is just so horrible that if Windows didn’t have a crack at Windows phone it would be the Windows of mobile operating systems.

          Oh trust me. Factory Droid is fine till you use a cheap chinese android phone. The amount of shit preinstalled will blow your mind.

            Or a Samsung or HTC, which are the only ones I have experience with. Hated them. Too many buttons, to many options, too much customisation. Just too much everything.

              Try Motorolla. All the droid phones i have brought from them have stock android with 1 or 2 apps you can uninstall anyway. No bloatware at all.

                Gotta admit, never even seen one of their handsets. Will check them out :+1:

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