Gizmodo Movie Night: 17 Shows To Hardcore Binge Over Christmas

Christmas is a special time. One for family, friends... and catching up on all of the shows you were too busy for during the year. And perhaps even some old favourites.

Here are the best shows you can binge-watch on Stan and Netflix right now.

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Twin Peaks

If you haven't had the chance to dive back into the twisted mind of David Lynch, now is the perfect opportunity. I can confidently say that his world is as weird, beautiful and fascinating as ever.

Lynch is one of the few visual storytellers who is given free license to do whatever the hell he wants. And he certainly delivers.

Stan: Picking up 25 years after the inhabitants of Twin Peaks were stunned when their homecoming queen Laura Palmer was shockingly murdered.

Stargate SG-1

I was awe-struck by the world of Stargate when the original movie came out during primary school. As a lover of all things Egypt and Sci-Fi practically from birth, it was inevitable that this story would capture my heart and imagination.

I remember being cautious about the show, particularly in regards to the recasting of O'Neill and Dr. Jackson. But my fears were quickly abated and SG-1 became what I consider to be one of the best long-running Science Fiction shows of all time.

With 10 seasons under its belt, you have every opportunity to bliss out hard on this one.

Stan: Colonel Jack O’Neill and his SG-1 team; Daniel Jackson, Teal’c, and Capt. Samantha Carter, set out to explore the mysteries of the Stargate. Each mission through the gate takes the SG-1 team to new worlds in a seemingly boundless universe.


I also began a love affair with the horror genre at far too young an age. One of the first scary novels I read was Silence of the Lambs when I was 10 (don't tell my mum).

This started a lifelong morbid fascination with the world of Hannibal Lecter, and the character himself.

I was estatic when I heard that Bryan Fuller was in charge of bringing him to life on the small screen. I was a fan of Fuller's hyper stylistic approach to his medium, particularly in Pushing Daisies.

I was blown away by how he managed to apply this to a psychological horror. He didn't only create a show with a powerhouse cast, truly sensational writing and a maddingly addictive storyline.

He created art.

Horrific and repulsive. Beautiful and seductive.

Stan: Explores the early relationship between the renowned psychiatrist and his patient, a young FBI criminal profiler, who is haunted by his ability to empathise with serial killers.


Simon Pegg's second television show is still my favourite of all his work. It's weird, hilarious and the epitome of odd 90s British comedy. Much like the housing situation in the show, this is one for the geeks and the misfits. Perhaps thats why I adore it so much.

Despite being an absolute product of its time - it holds up and is still relatable. And because it's the British television industry, you'll spend most episodes pointing at random characters and yelling, "Ohhh, it's that guy!".

Stan: Fate throws Daisy, a wannabe journalist, and Tim, a love sick skateboarder, together. Defeated by the horrors of flat hunting they decide to pose as a professional couple and share accommodation in order to get a bargain flat.

Honourable Mentions:


The Sinner

Our publisher Mark Serrels recommended this one to me and although I expected it to be good - I didn't anticipate being sucked in so hard.

I mainlined the entire thing in one sitting.

This show was not what I thought it was... even after reading the synopsis. It's dark, intricate and addictive. And although it requites some suspension of belief in some areas - I found myself more than happy to do so.

Let yourself be drawn in. And enjoy the slow build at the beginning. It's beautifully done - equal parts nerve-wracking and exciting.

Netflix: When a young mother inexplicably stabs a stranger to death, a sympathetic detective struggles to unlock the mystery buried in her missing memories.


I have never much been into wrestling - but recently some friends educated me on the craft and I have found it fun and entertaining.

Plus, I adore Alison Brie and Jenji Kohan (the creator of Weeds and Orange is the New Black) so I was willing to give it a crack.

What I discovered was one of my favourite shows of the year. The brilliant writing and cast choices have been coupled with a refreshingly dark sense of humour.

The characters are so deeply flawed that you don't even realise that you love them until they have already body slammed their way into your heart.

Much like characters themselves, you may wonder why you should give a shit about an 80s wrestling show... until you find yourself giving a shit about an 80s wrestling show.

It really creeps up on you.

Netflix: In 1980s LA, a crew of misfits reinvent themselves as the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

Honourable Mentions:

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