Christmas Gifts For People Who Like Exercising

Christmas Gifts For People Who Like Exercising
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Hi, I am a person who likes exercising. I am also a person who likes to receive exercise related gifts.

So if you’re looking to buy gifts (expensive or cheap) for someone who is into exercise, this might be a good place to start.

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Let me start with the super cheap!

Super Cheap

Resistance Bands: $10-$30

This is a really good one if you’re right at the bottom end of the price spectrum — say for a $10 Secret Santa gift at work. Resistance bands are awesome and you can use them for like a million different types of exercise movements. I bought mine from Aldi for like $5 and it’s the best five bucks I’ve ever spent.

Kinda Cheap

Portable Chin-Up Bar: $20-50

Okay, now we’re kinda working our way up the spectrum. Chin up bars you can attach to your doorway are just super cool and super helpful if you’re into doing chin-ups. They’re a little bit weird at first, and it definitely takes a leap of faith to suspend all your weight on this weird thing hanging from your doorway, but they’re small, portable and invaluable. Also handy for when you’re travelling. I recommend paying a little more for a decent one, just to protect your doorway a bit.

Okay, We’re Spending Money Now…

Fitbit Charge 2: $150-200

So there’s a lot of fitness wearables out there — there’s even a lot of Fitbit wearables, let alone the multiple other brands on the market. Choosing is difficult. Personally, I think the safest bet is the Fitbit Charge 2. You can pick one up for around $150. They’re sleek, lean and have all the features you could possibly want in a fitness tracker. No-one will be upset receiving this gift.

Okay Moneybags, Let’s Spend Some Real Dough

Cross Trainer (XT-37)

I mean this is high risk/high reward. First you have to figure out what kind of cardio your friend/partner/child/whatever is into. But personally, I wouldn’t buy someone a running machine — they can just run. Same goes for rowing machines. Cross Trainers are cool because they’re low impact and work a bunch of different muscles in the body. There’s also an insane range. They’re all fairly expensive, but you can cheap out or you can go hard. With big purchases like this I tend to go in the middle. The XT-37 is pretty pricey at around $749, but that’s a good price for what you’re getting.

Bugger It, Let’s Send Ourselves Broke

Treadwall M6

You accidentally found a digital wallet with 2000 Bitcoin in it and you’re an instant millionaire. Might as well buy your exercise loving friend a buck wild gift he’ll never forget. How about buying him a rock climbing wall that’s ALSO a treadmill.

A Treadwall if you will.

I’ve been desperate for a Treadwall for years. But I am not a Bitcoin millionaire and I don’t know any Bitcoin millionaires, so chances are extremely slim on this one.

Any other recommendations? What about these jumping ropes that count how many skips you do? They’re pretty cool. Anything else?