For A Limited Time, Watch The 1967 Student Short That Launched George Lucas Into Sci-Fi History

Video: A long-ish time ago (1967) in a galaxy not so far away (the University of Southern California), a student named George Lucas was hard at work on a short film with a long title: Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB. This landmark early work is online for the first time, thanks to sci-fi channel Dust.

A young George Lucas on the set of his student film. Image: Dust

The trippy Electronic Labyrinth will only be up for the next three days, ahead of a little something called The Last Jedi. So don't delay if you want a glimpse into the mind and method of a 23-year-old George Lucas - four years before he'd expand on the imagery seen here and add more of a narrative for THX 1138, and a decade before he changed the world of sci-fi forever with Star Wars.

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