Netflix’s Altered Carbon Teaser Promises Young, Sexy Bodies For The Highest Bidder

A new teaser has popped up on Twitter showing an advertisement for Psychasec, the company behind the technology featured in Netflix’s new cyberpunk series Altered Carbon. While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, all signs point to it being our first major glimpse at Altered Carbon‘s rich, sexy and dystopian world above the clouds.

Image via Reddit

Altered Carbon, a 10-episode series based on the bestselling novel by Richard K. Morgan, takes place in a future where the human consciousness has been digitised. Bodies, now known as “sleeves”, are interchangeable. This creates a caste system where the wealthy can stay physically young forever through a series of discarded bodies and clones, becoming living gods who literally live above the rest of humanity in glorious high-rises.

As pointed out in the teaser, Psychasec provides young bodies for people to use and throw out as they see fit. These ones, likely clones, are equipped with pheromones to make you irresistible to others. It’s also worth pointing out that the teaser includes the briefest shot of a URL, which leads to Last Envoy, the Reddit user who posted the first images we reported on earlier this week. It looks to be part of an ongoing viral campaign for the upcoming series, but we’ve reached out to Netflix for confirmation.

The series follows a former soldier (played by The Killing and Suicide Squad star Joel Kinnaman) whose consciousness is placed into a police officer’s body so he can investigate the murder of a wealthy person’s clone, opening a rabbit hole into a major conspiracy. The series, written and produced by Avatar co-writer Laeta Kalogridis, is said to cost $US6 to $US7 million ($7.9 to $9.2 million) per episode and will debut sometime in 2018.

There’s another video on Altered Carbon‘s Facebook page. It features a similar message, but also gives us a look at the neck scarring where a person’s “stack”, or digital consciousness, is inserted into the spine.