Apple’s Security Halo Is Falling

For the longest time, Apple’s customers have pointed to the Cupertino company’s “better” security as a reason to ditch Windows and move into their walled garden. But the security landscape has changed and we are facing new threats. Recent events suggest Apple’s supposed security superiority is being eroded by smarter bad guys and errors coming from Apple’s development team.

Last week, Apple was forced into the hasty release of a patch to deal with a root account vulnerability and earlier this year the KRACK issue caused them to issue a similar out-of-cycle update weeks after Microsoft quietly fixed the issue in their software.

I’m the first to admit I’ve been a bit of an Apple fan-boy but these recent issues aren’t filling me with confidence. While the company has dropped two new iPhones and an updated Apple TV on us, they have been caught short. I imagine they couldn’t run this ad today.

Security is no longer a bolt-on or after thought. It needs to be baked into our software. And it’s about trust.

Recent events suggest Apple is stretching the friendship on that trust. What do you think?

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