73 Questions Vogue Should Have Asked Michael B. Jordan About Black Panther

73 Questions Vogue Should Have Asked Michael B. Jordan About Black Panther

Image: Vogue via YouTube

Though it’s only a few years old, Vogue‘s “73 Questions” has quickly become one of the magazine’s most popular interview series, offering up-close and intimate sessions with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Michael B. Jordan’s the latest of Vogue‘s subjects and naturally, he had some things to say about Black Panther. But very, very few things.

Specifically, the actor made of point of saying much he thinks audiences are going to enjoy the film and how it’s unlike anything else Marvel’s put out yet and… that’s it. Sure, Vogue‘s interviewer only bothered to ask “What fans can expect from Black Panther?” when it hits theatres next February, but you’d think that over the course of an eight-minute interview, one might push for a little bit more information.

Here are 73 questions we would (and still very well might!) ask Jordan about Black Panther:

1) What was it about this project that got you hyped in the first place?

2) What was your immediate reaction when you heard that you’d be playing Killmonger?

3) How would the 10-year-old you have reacted to knowing that you’d be playing not one but two Marvel characters one day?

4) What’d you do to prepare for the role?

5) Did you have to give up something for the role that hurt you deeply — food, sleep, something else you enjoy?

6) Who’s on your workout playlist?

7) What’d you do on your days off between shoots?

8) How much if any, comics research did you do on Black Panther and Killmonger for the role?

9) How have roles you’ve played in the past prepared you for Black Panther?

10) This isn’t your first time playing a Marvel character. What’s is been like going from Johnny Storm to Killmonger?

11) Did you learn anything about yourself while playing this role?

12) How do you say Killmonger’s Wakandan name, N’Jadaka? “En-Jah-Dah-Kah,” “Nuh-Jah-Dah-Kah,” or “Jah-Dah-Kah”?

13) Chadwick Boseman’s shown a video where he’s walking onto the set with a drum fanfare. Did you have anything similar?

14) Who’re you channeling when you’re in the Killmonger-zone? Other famous villains we know? Yourself?

15) What’s it been like to be a part of Marvel’s first film production with a predominantly black cast?

16) What’s it like working with Angela Bassett?

17) Whose performance is going to knock people off their feet? You may answer yourself if you desire.

18) As an audience member, what in a movie pulls you in?

19) What was the general vibe like on set?

20) Anything from the set that you may or may not have taken home with you?

21) How was the wrap party?

22) Any scene in particular you had a blast filming?

23) Any scene you hated?

24) Who would you say was the most fun to act with?

25) Which aspect of the character was most difficult for you, emotionally speaking?

26) How’s this experienced changed you as an actor?

27) Did you feel any kind of responsibility in bringing this character to life?

28) If there’s one thing you could change about your performance, what would it be?

29) How’s your take on the character different than his portrayal in the comics?

30) Does Killmonger have goals besides taking the Wakandan throne?

31) Killmonger is one of Black Panther‘s villains, but do you personally see him that way?

32) How does Killmonger see himself?

33) What does he want people to understand about him?

34) How does the rest of Wakanda see Killmonger?

35) What was the most difficult thing about becoming Killmonger?

36) Despite being a villain, do you think your character is someone that audiences can identify with?

37) What’s Killmonger’s relationship like with Klaw?

38) What’s his dynamic with T’Challa like?

39) Do you personally think T’Challa’s a good king?

40) How do you feel about Wakanda? Like, would you want to live there?

41) What piece of Wakandan technology do you wish you had in real life?

42) If he weren’t trying to take the throne, what do you think Killmonger would be doing with his life?

43) If he were ever to find out, how would Killmonger feel about T’Challa hiding Bucky in Wakanda?

44) What’s going to surprise us most about Black Panther?

45) What scene are people going to be talking about about after they see Black Panther?

46) What’s the thing that’s stuck with you the most about having been part of the production?

47) What’s it like working with Ryan Coogler on a film like Black Panther as opposed to something like Creed?

48) What’s it like going into hair and makeup on a film like Black Panther, where the department is led by black stylists?

49) What kind of fighting styles went into making the choreography for the film?

50) How do you feel about Killmonger, like, NEVER wearing a shirt in most of his comics appearances?

51) How long did it take to get each of the scarifying marks applied on the days you had to wear them?

52) Did they try to give you Killmonger’s skull belt? Did you ask for it?

53) Are you kinda mad that your costume ended up being a repaint of T’Challa’s?

54) What does one wear under that suit?

55) For a long time, Killmonger was the one foe that never T’Challa beat one-on-one. How do you feel about taking a loss (assuming that’s what happens) in the movie?

56) One-on-one, no suits, who’d win in a fight between Killmonger and T’Challa?

57) Do you have a favourite storyline/moment featuring Killmonger?

58) What do you think is the most messed-up thing that Killmonger’s done in the comics? In the film?

59) Assuming he makes it to the end of the film, where do you want to see Killmonger going forward?

60) Does it feel important that you’re playing one of the first black supervillains in a big-budget comic book movie?

61) Which of Marvel’s other villains would you want to see teaming up to take on the Avengers?

62) Who from the comics do you want to see in future Black Panther movies?

63) What’s a kind of superhero movie you’d like to see?

64) You’ve talked about being a fan of the Inhumans. Any thoughts about ABC’s Inhumans show?

65) If you could helm any comic book adaptation, what would it be?

66) Where do you think the Marvel Cinematic Universe should go after Avengers 4?

67) What is it about these movies that keeps fans coming back for more?

68) How would you describe the Black Panther‘s cultural significance?

69) What does the term “afrofuturism” mean to you?

70) Had you been interested in Afrofuturism before the movie?

71) Why do you think it took so long for the Black Panther to make his way to the big screen?

72) What do you think other studios and filmmakers can learn from Black Panther?

73) If you had to give Black Panther a subtitle, what would it be?

We’re all ears, Michael.

Black Panther hits theatres February 15.