You Won’t Believe The Insane Detail In These Incredible Movie Maps 

You Won’t Believe The Insane Detail In These Incredible Movie Maps 

If you frequent pop culture websites, you see a lot of pop culture art. And at some point, it may all blend together. But one artist does something that’s so different, so out of the box, once you see it, you never forget it. That artist is Andrew DeGraff.

All Images: Andrew DeGraff

DeGraff’s approach to pop culture is to make movies into maps. But these aren’t traditional maps. Really, that’s just the best word for it. He takes all the locations in the movie, makes lines that represent characters, and puts the entire movie into a single image. So he basically recreated the entire movie as a map.

He’s been doing this for years and now, finally, they have all been collected in a new book called Cinemaps. It’s out now and to celebrate, DeGraff is having an art show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, CA starting November 3 with a ton of new movie maps, and a few old favourites. We’re excited to debut two such maps. First is Guardians of the Galaxy.

So can you see it? Start in the top right corner. The red line is Peter Quill. He’s at the hospital and gets picked up by Yondu, now represented by the blue line. The red line goes to the planet from the credits and we see it go into the tomb and meet Korath. Zandar is the big planet on the right, and so on and so forth.

Next is Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Previously revealed are The Wizard of Oz.

And Jurassic Park.

The top image in this article is from the beginning of Jurassic Park after Grant, Sadler and Malcolm come to the island. He even has Grant walking out of the Jeep.

As you can see from these, no detail has been spared. Every location, almost all of the characters, all their interactions throughout a movie are viewed here. Each of these takes several hundred hours of research, planning and painting, but the results speak for themselves.

The new book, Cinemaps, has all of these above, several new maps (that will debut at the show), and all of his previously sold out maps, including The Goonies, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones. Some of which DeGraff is printing in new colours for the show.

The gallery show opens November 3 in Los Angeles. Get more info here. The book is on sale now.