What Is Going On With This Major Star Trek: Discovery Moment?

The midseason finale of Star Trek: Discovery was the best episode of the show so far, with clever writing, gripping performances, and a genuinely exciting cliffhanger that takes us away from that cumbersome Klingon War, at least for a few episodes. Unfortunately, the way we got there looks to include a plot hole so large you could fit Stamets' galaxy brain through it.

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By the time we come to the end of "Into the Forest I Go", we find Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs) in a bind. Sure, he's been commended as a hero for figuring out how to see through the Klingon cloaking technology - but Admiral Cornwell (Jayne Brook), whom Lorca last saw saying she was going to take his ship away, is alive. He even a) suggested she go negotiate with Klingons, and b) didn't go charging to her rescue once she was captured in order to keep himself captain. Once she recovers, he's screwed. Plus, he's about to lose the Discovery's powers anyway: Stamets (Anthony Rapp) tells Lorca that he plans on ending his navigational escapades after "one final jump" back to Starfleet. No Stamets means, again, he's screwed.

For reasons that will likely be explained in the second half of the first season, Lorca appears to sabotage their final jump. We see him access the navigational controls on his chair, which show all the jumps they took during the episode's main mission to detect the Klingon cloaking device. He enters a manual override code and the final jump changes. What looks to be their upcoming jump to a specific location, namely the Starfleet base, has now been changed to "Unknown". And lo and behold, that's exactly where they end up.

Only, there's a problem that contradicts a major part of the episode. The unknown jump that's seemingly transporting them to one of those pockets of unknown space in Lorca's giant Stamets mind map is #133. But, you see, they have already done 133 jumps - that was the exact number of jumps needed to scan the Klingon ship. This means they repeated a jump they already did, with different results, without explanation.

And no, Lorca isn't accessing the archived jump list from the episode's main mission. As shown in the photo below, during the major 133-jump sequence, number 133 is clearly displayed with an "071-MARK" location being filled in. They did all 133 jumps. The entire trip was mapped and completed - Lorca didn't mess with it beforehand. Besides, why would Lorca have secretly charted the final jump to go somewhere unknown, when that would have jeopardised the entire mission?

It's possible he could have changed the coordinates of the last jump, because they were meant to leave, but then he refused to leave Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Tyler (Shazad Latif). But that makes no sense, since they needed to jump around the Klingon ship to gather the data, and couldn't finish the mapping from somewhere else entirely. I mean, maybe he was last-second swapping the final jump's logs with the 133rd jump's logs, so that it doesn't look like they jumped at all when they vanished. But what would that accomplish? To hide a jump from a location Starfleet already knew about, to a place they can't track because it's literally unknown?

The most likely answer is that there was a goof. That it was supposed to read as the 134th jump, the one after their big venture, but the graphic got screwed up. (Side note: Why is this the 134th jump? They have jumped a lot, shouldn't the numbering restart after the linked jumps are over?) This seems more likely, but would be pretty disappointing. Lorca's actions set up a major plot point for the rest of the season. He's positioned to be a truly villainous character who intentionally sent the Discovery to an unknown land - either to cover up his tracks, or for another nefarious purpose. If it's not part of some genius plan I'm not catching onto, it means no one noticed this glaring error and thought to fix it before it was too late.

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    Lorca really, really doesn't want to go near any base where he could potentially be stripped of command. Being charismatic and saying nice things to boost crew moral isn't incompatible with being a psychopath that would put the whole crew at risk in unchartered/unknown space. I get your point about whether the jump is #133 or #134 but it probably doesn't make much difference to his motivation or the outcome.

    As plot holes go..this is not glaring nor major. Using Occam's razor, this is likely an editing error and nothing more.

    They did 140 jumps not 133. We saw 133 come up on screen but the dialogue prior to that was that Lorca asked Stammets to do 140 jumps.

    Why would they bother to show Lorca fiddling with the previous coords if he wasn't up to no good? Clearly, he didn't want to lose command and if the Admiral hadn't been rescued he wouldn't have a problem. the son of a bitch put the whole ship in danger so he could keep his ship.
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    im still waiting for Burnham to take the helm as captain. i reckon it will happen and Lorca will end up in the brig or dead by another crew member somewhere along the line. despite some discrepancies (which i missed anyway) im really enjoying this show and look forward to it every week. i guess ignorance is bliss hey? ha ha.

      Doubt it - that's like turning Clark Kent into Superman within the first season of Smallville.

      I think they're going to milk it as much as they can. I mean we all know that surely at some point Burnham will be restored to Starfleet - but the tension of "when" is what keeps people watching.

        yeah i wasnt implying it would be soon. im talking in subsequent seasons. there is still plenty of time to milk the suspense and build depth to the characters. Which I'm more than looking forward to.

    Maybe they started with jump 0...

    Also do you forget the unknown space pockets were potentially ANOTHER UNIVERSE!!!
    That may explain the difference in the clingons....

    It might not be a plot hole at all. This could be the result of trying to jump to TWO separate places at once

    I am wondering if they are either now in the Mirror Universe, or Discovery up to this point has taken place in the Mirror Universe.

    My guess is he set it to jump to the 133 location again and in doing so the ship can't occupy the same space simultaneously so shifted it to another dimension, whether he intended for that to happen or not.

      Are you assuming everything we have seen is Not from the mirrorverese? Isn't captain Orca from the mirror universe?

        I AM assuming that we started in the "known" universe and have moved to the "mirrorverse".

        Why ? - because if it's the other way round then all future episodes have to be technically consistent with previous Star Trek series technology and knowledge.

        By moving to the "mirrorverse", continuity is irrelevant, as long as we stay in the "mirrorverse". This would also allow any or all "flawed" members of the crew to become "good guys".

        I have thought from early on that it was the mirrorverse. Lorca having the Gorn skeleton, a species not known to exist until Kirk fought it, was the biggest give away to me.

        Also everything has been just a little bit too dark and ahead of its time, I think they have now crossed into the Prime universe and we will see things more inline with the technology and development of TOS.

        Perhaps not the mirrorverse we know, because the ships are still USS not ISS, so an alternate universe or timeline. Either way I don't think the first half od season 1 was in the Prime universe/timeline

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          Yes, I agree that the artifacts point to moving TO the Prime Universe, however consider this.

          While the last jump has solved the problem of the existence of the spore drive (in either universe), it has also stopped the distribution, into the existing universe, of the data required to penetrate the Klingon cloak. The data is, however not lost, but in the possession of the Discovery's crew, therefore that knowledge/data goes with them. If the ship is moving to the Prime Universe then that presents a major inconsistency with known ST history.

          Unless the producers come up with some totally lame excuse for the loss of that data then I have to assume that we are now in a universe where we are beyond the reach of the Klingons and therefore the knowledge to defeat their cloaking device is irrelevant.


    Can nobody here see the plot.

    Everyone can see the continuity "errors" and wants to comment upon them, but apparently can't see the direction we're going here....

    Let's see, throughout the ST universe...

    1) the Klingon cloaking device never got defeated,
    2) there was no such thing as the spore drive.

    The plot so far has a few holes like how is Lorca going to retain command now that the Admiral is back ???

    Think about it people...... if the ship goes to "unknown" and can't get home (because Stamets can't utilize the Spore Drive), then (lo and behold) we have a STV situation that erases all the techno continuity and plot problems. How simple is that, and yet nobody even wants to mention such a development.

    So STV all over again, and we get to wonder whether Lorca retains command or whether the Admiral takes over .... (who knows - Jason Isaacs may well be unemployed after the next episode) a whole new story line - that we've all seen before.

    And SO obvious!!!

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