Weta Workshop Making Blade Runner 2049 Miniatures Is Just The Best

This is beyond cool. Our mates over the ditch, Weta Workshop in New Zealand's "Wellywood" - Wellington - making incredible miniatures.

Weta's High Tech Practical Effects Were The Best Part Of Ghost In The Shell

This year's Ghost In The Shell adaptation was a visually stunning movie -- helped in no small part by the gorgeous practical effects, props and costumes built by New Zealand's Weta Workshop. In fact, far more of the film's beautiful visuals were built physically than most people would expect. We went to Weta to find out what went into building the world of Ghost In The Shell-- and what it's like when your painstakingly crafted work is hidden behind layers of digital effects.

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At One Point, Blade Runner 2049 Was Almost A Four-Hour, Two-Part Film

Almost every film you've ever seen was longer in an earlier version. That's why films go through editing. But when a film is already long, it's interesting to hear how filmmakers tried to deal with it. And director Denis Villeneuve reportedly considered something bold for Blade Runner 2049.

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    Incredible! I need to see it a third time now.
    I get that this can be done, but why is it done? Most people expect it to all have been CGI these days and I guess don't appreciate it as much as when they realise that this is what they were really looking at.
    There were some scenes I thought might have been miniatures (the drone scene looking for life forms in the wasteland were Dekard was) but it could have been CGI for all I knew.

    So amazing, can't comprehend the time and patience needed to build all that.
    And what happens to the models now :)

    Weta Workshop is by far the greatest practical special effects company ever. Ive never seen a company make such high quality movie items.

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