Watch This Neural Network Generate An Infinite Number Of Totally Unique Anime Characters

Video: Last month Nvidia revealed its work on using competing neural networks to generate random, but convincing, photos of non-existent celebrities. A website called MakeGirlsMoe does almost the same thing, but instead of celebs, it churns out never-ending headshots of anime characters.

Watching This Neural Network Render Truly Photorealistic Faces Is Creepy And Mesmerising

In 2015, Google released DeepDream, a bonkers, art-generating neural net users put to work rendering everything from disturbing dog collages to even more disturbing psychedelic porn. DeepDream may have just been the prelude to less aesthetically off-putting but much more significant applications of the slightly creepy technology - such as generating photorealistic, high-definition images of people who never existed.

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Nvidia’s photo-realistic celebrities require a bit of graphical horsepower to generate, but if you head on over to MakeGirlsMoe you can easily generate your own character tailored to your own preferences including hair colour and style, eye colour, and other identifying features. If you lack any and all artistic talent, you’re now one step closer to realising your own anime comic.

[YouTube via Prosthetic Knowledge]