Watch An Artist Instantly Create A Mirror With Liquid Silver Nitrate

Video: Although mirrors have been around for thousands of years, a German chemist named Justus von Liebig made a breakthrough that would make the modern manufacture of them possible. Add some sugar to ammoniated silver nitrate, pour it onto glass, and blammo: You have yourself a mirror.

Gif source: Instagram / Dave Smith

It's slightly more complicated than that, if only because silver nitrate is highly poisonous. But artist Dave Smith makes it look easy in this recent Instagram post:

Here's a clearer view of the finished product:

The process looks even cooler when Smith pours the liquid metal substance onto glue-chipped glass, producing beautiful patterns:

Science is cool! So is art!

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    highly toxic - yet used as an excellent topical antimicrobial antiseptic .. mind you it's pretty caustic.

    I see you use the word 'blammo' - apt if you ever let those salts dry out !

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