Updates On Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Black Mirror And Crisis On Earth-X

Updates On Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Black Mirror And Crisis On Earth-X

Todd McFarlane offers a sneak peek at his Spawn movie. Punisher showrunner Steve Lightfoot talks potential characters for season two. Stephen Amell hypes up this week’s gigantic DC/CW crossover special. Plus another look at Black Mirror‘s fourth season. Spoilers now!


The alien invasion thriller starring Michael Pena and Lizzy Caplan has been entirely removed from Universal’s release schedule, scuttling its planned 26 January 2018 US release date. [THR]


Promising a big announcement coming soon, Todd McFarlane shared a page from his script for his long-in-gestation live-action Spawn movie. In the scene, Twitch and Danny discuss a gunrunner named “Riggins” and his acolyte “Dillon” while firing at paper targets in an indoor shooting range.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

A fun new trading card from Topps has a new still from the film, including an unspecified Abednedo recounting some sort of incident to two officers of the Canto Bight Police Department – who delightfully have “CBPD” written in Aurebesh on their helmets. Adorable!

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Principal photography begins on Netflix’s Dark Crystal series this week in the UK, according to KFTV.

The Punisher

Speaking with CBR, showrunner Steve Lightfoot admitted he hasn’t “even thought about” a second season, but would like to include Barracuda and O’Brien in future episodes.

I haven’t even thought about season two … but one of the villains I love is Barracuda [from Garth Ennis’ Punisher MAX series]. I think he’s great fun. I also really like O’Brien [also introduced in Ennis’ Punisher MAX run]. I thought she was always really cool. Certainly those two jump out at me initially, but there are so many great characters there. It’s a very fun sandbox to play in.

Crisis on Earth-X

In conversation with ScreenRant, Stephen Amell revealed the CW will have to streamline production schedules for a future crossover special while hyping up the “event” scale of this week’s crossover.

Not to get too inside baseball here, but they have made it bigger than ever… The crossovers this year took up six full weeks of shooting. I think that in order for us to continue down this path, we as productions, and The CW, as the network, and Warner Bros., as the studio, are going to have to fundamentally re-conceive how we execute these because this sort of broke the schedule mould. I mean it just simply didn’t fit.

I think that if we’re going to shoot it like a big four-hour movie, we have to board it like a big four-hour movie. We have to prioritise the schedules of the people that are going to be working the most, if that’s me, if that’s Melissa, if that’s Caity Lotz, if that’s Grant. It’s going to change year over year based off of story. It really is, for the first time, it’s an event. It’s not a crossover anymore. Call it the crossover if you want. But it’s kind of like calling the Super Bowl just a football game. Yeah, sure, they play football, but there’s so much other stuff that goes on with it. It’s an event.

The Orville

A new synopsis for what is now the season one finale – after the show’s run was cut short by an episode – “Mad Idolatry”, has been released:

Ed and Kelly seriously reconsider getting back together. However, while Kelly is on a mission with Isaac and Gordon to investigate the origins of an uncharted star, they suddenly crash-land on a planet from another universe. Kelly then makes a decision with unforeseen long-term consequences for the planet, putting Ed in a difficult position.



Actress Ariela Barer shared a clear, behind-the-scenes photo of the Old Lace puppet on Twitter.

Black Mirror

Finally, Netflix has released a trailer for “Crocodile”, an upcoming episode about a detective’s investigation into a road traffic accident, using technology able to replay people’s memories with perfect recall.

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