Updates On Glass, Captain Marvel And Daredevil

Updates On Glass, Captain Marvel And Daredevil

No, we don’t have our first look at Alden Ehrenreich’s Solo costume. Ben Mendelsohn discusses those villainous Captain Marvel rumours. The worlds of Split and Unbreakable collide in new footage from the set of Glass. Plus, what’s to come on Star Trek: Discovery and more Justice League footage. Spoilers now!

Updates On Glass, Captain Marvel And Daredevil

Solo: A Star Wars Story

A tweet, of all things, of a theatre chain promotion cup from Arizona over the weekend sparked a flurry of speculation that it gave us the first look at Alden Ehrenreich in costume as Han Solo:

But before you get too excited, it’s actually a photoshop mashup of the filming announcement publicity still of the cast and (now former) directors and, bizarrely, the Han Solo model render from Star Wars: Battlefront. So move along, move along, nothing to see here. [Making Star Wars]

Captain Marvel

In a recent interview with Collider, Ben Mendelsohn would neither confirm nor deny rumours he’s playing the film’s villain.

Wow, that would be lovely. That would be really nice. But I know that Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden – I think I know how this one got started because they did Mississippi Grind obviously, and I think they’re a great choice and a really interesting choice for that film.”

Well you see a smile because I’m amused that people even bother to ask. Only because it’s one of those things, it’s sort of like being in the secret service for a moment. You can neither confirm nor deny… It would be thrilling, I’m sure.


The Daily Mail has both footage and set photos of Bruce Willis (or more likely, his stunt double) battling a shirtless James McAvoy outside a condemned mental institution in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Head to the link to see the photos.

Ant-Man & The Wasp

Walton Goggins shared a photo from his last day of filming Ant-Man & the Wasp.

The Crow

Jason Momoa teased that the long-delayed Crow reboot is back in production on Instagram.

I’ve been waiting for sooooo long. @corinhardy let’s do this brother aloha j

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Justice League

JoBlo’s Paul Shirley confirmed on Twitter the film has two post-credit sequences.

We also have another behind-the-scenes featurette with the cast and crew.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman duels Steppenwolf in a new TV spot.

The Magicians

Jaime Ray Newman will guest-star in multiple episodes this season as Irene McAllistair, a magician and “member of Brakebills’ Board of Trustees who has known Dean Fogg for many years”. [TV Line]

Agents of SHIELD

The season five premiere is a two-part episode titled, “Orientation, Part One & Part Two”. [Spoiler TV]


That Hashtag Show has uncovered a casting call for three FBI agents playing potentially ongoing roles in the show’s third season.

[AGENT BEN JEFFREYS] 38-45, male, please submit Middle Eastern, South Asian, Israeli, Pakistani. A second-generation American, Ben is deeply committed to both his career and his family. He’s intelligent, warm and generous by nature but when pushed too far suffers a crisis of conscious. SERIES REGULAR.

[GORDON] 35 – 40, male, open ethnicity, FBI agent… POSSIBLE RECUR.

[HIGASHI] 35, male, Japanese, FBI agent… POSSIBLE RECUR.

Meanwhile, filming on season three begins today.

Star Trek: Discovery

Finally, here’s a trailer for episode ten, “Despite Yourself”, kicking off Discovery‘s second half in January.

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