This Twitter Account Is Tweeting Images Found On Osama Bin Laden’s Computer

This Twitter Account Is Tweeting Images Found On Osama Bin Laden’s Computer
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Osama bin Laden had a lot of weird stuff on his computer when he was killed by US forces in 2011. The terrorist mastermind had NSFW anime, Hollywood movies, and even a 9-11 truther movie called Loose Change. And yes, that screenshot above from the video game X-Men vs Street Fighter is really from bin Laden’s computer.

But now you can follow along with the weirdness from the comfort of your home, without having to download anything from the CIA’s archive. Someone has created a Twitter account devoted to sharing the strange mix of images held by the century’s most notorious terrorist.

The Twitter account, called @AbbottabadImage, is a sometimes surprising and often banal mix of photos, with everything from a mounted moose’s head to scenic beach scenes. Stripped of context, they’re quite a weird sight to behold as you go about your day.

A few choice photos are below.

I suppose that Twitter has become just surreal enough that seeing private photos from Osama bin Laden’s computers pop up in your feed isn’t so weird, all things considered. The year 2017 only seems to be getting weirder by the moment. And 2018 is poised to be even weirder.

What’s weirder than following a Twitter account devoted to publishing photos released by the CIA from Osama bin Laden’s computer? I have no idea. But we’re probably going to find out soon.