There’s A Real Life Zombie Nerf War Coming To Sydney

There’s A Real Life Zombie Nerf War Coming To Sydney
Image: Gizmodo

Zedtown – the largest “real-world Zombie Nerf War” (yes, it’s a thing) in the world, is coming back to Sydney on December 9. Unfortunately, its all sold out. JUST KIDDING – there are more tickets available now so go go go go join us for some apocalyptic fun!

Zedtown: Last Haven Managing Director, Andrew Garrick told us “Z’OMG this is going to be the best undead experience to hit Sydney and maybe the biggest gathering of Zombie Nerf-based warfare in history!”

That is a real quote, I am not kidding.

If you’ve never heard of Zedtown, here’s an idea of what you’re in for:

That was the 2016 Sydney Zedtown.

When you arrive, you get dog tags, access to a call-in radio station which provides the cool soundtrack to the event, and even a professional zombie make-up team for the unfortunate Survivors who are caught and “turned”. All this, while you use the Zedtown smartphone app to guide and track your progress in real-time as game directors send out missions and updates from start to finish.

It’s honestly so much fun.

There will be thousands of players gathering at Allianz Stadium – the first time Zedtown has been at this location since humble beginnings in 2012.

“The innovation and planning that goes into hosting many thousands of players in a fully immersive, engaging experience makes this one of the most advanced events ever seen in Australia,” Zedtown organisers say.

Tickets to both the 2pm and 7pm games are back on sale right now. You’ll need to be 18 or over to play.