The Post-Apocalypse Is A Little Less Bleak When You Have A Beloved Game Of Thrones Star On Your Side

Video: The year is 2054, and humanity's prospects are very bleak in the wake of a devastating virus. London's become an unstable wasteland of junk peddlers and wild-eyed zealots, but one tough, determined woman keeps it together for her much younger brother - until he's spirited away by an unknown foe.

Image: Dresden Pictures

Liam Garvo's dystopian proof-of-concept film Biopunk creates a vividly chaotic and realistic post-apocalyptic world in just a few short scenes. It also features a gruff but charming supporting turn by Game of Thrones' Kristian Nairn - who you'll recognise instantly, of course, but will also have a brief moment of disconnect listening to him deliver lines that aren't simply "Hodor." (His character does, however, refer to himself in the third person... a lot.)


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