The Porsche-Designed Huawei Mate 10: Australian Price And Release Date

Image: Huawei

Porsche Design teamed up with Huawei to create a limited-edition run of the Mate 10 smartphone, and if you’re keen to drop $1899 on one – you can do just that on 4 December.

Huawei describes the model as “an augmented Huawei Mate 10 pro”. What makes it look different from the standard model is the race track stripes, ceramic-texture design and Diamond Black colour. It comes in a fancy leather case, too.

As for the phone itself, it has 6GB RAM, 256GM ROM storage and a Porsche- customised UI.

We are yet to find out just how many will be available, and exactly you can get one from – but we will update you as we learn more.