The Magicians Season Three Trailer Reveals A High Seas Quest For Magic And Hope

The Magicians Season Three Trailer Reveals A High Seas Quest For Magic And Hope

Video: The first trailer and US release date is out for the next season of Syfy’s The Magicians, which takes our heroes out of Brakebills and Fillory and puts them on a big fancy boat so they can bring magic back to the world. But it isn’t just a quest for magic – it also looks to be a quest for hope. For a series that spent an entire season in perpetual despair, a little levity is a welcome change.

Still: Syfy via YouTube

The Magicians returns in the US in January with our characters still recovering from the loss of magic. The only one who’s retained some of her skills is Julia (Stella Maeve), and based on the trailer she isn’t keeping this a secret for very long. That’s because everybody wants to restore magic – especially Alice (Olivia Dudley), who’s freaking the hell out without it. So, after King Eliot (Hale Appleman) chats with a giant bird man, he gathers his friends and they hit the high seas in a magical boat to get a set of keys that will restore magic. It looks like a lot of fun, something the show has desperately needed. Granted, I enjoyed the hell out of last season (for the most part), but it did get really dark. It will be nice to sit back, relax, and focus on an inter-realm road trip for a while.

Side note, I do want to give a special shout-out to the nicknames bird man gives Eliot’s crew. Most of them make sense, except for the one that’s *cough cough* a bit problematic… but one of them is pure genius:

Margo (Summer Bishil): The One-Eyed Conqueror

Penny (Arjun Gupta): The Traveller

Kady (Jade Tailor): The Warrior

Julia: The God-Touched *cough cough*

Alice: The Torture Artist

And finally…

Quentin (Jason Ralph): The Fool

Yesssssssssssss. Thank you show. You have answered my prayers. The Magicians returns in the US January 10. An Australian broadcast date has not yet been confirmed. You can watch the trailer below.