The Cutest Stranger Things Demogorgon, And More Of The Best Toys Of The Week

The Cutest Stranger Things Demogorgon, And More Of The Best Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our weekly roundup of the coolest toys around! We have a very cool Star Wars way to get kids to code, the best Supergirl merchandise yet, and an excellent Transformers figure. Come take a look!

Diamond Select Supergirl

There is not nearly enough merchandise in the world for Melissa Benoist’s charming, bright and wonderful version of Kara Zor-El, and what’s out there now… is well, not great. But rest assured, what Diamond Select’s newest statue lacks in articulation, it makes up for in looking like a pretty damn fabulous version of the Girl of Steel. Coming in at under 25cm-tall, the statue is part of Diamond’s DC Gallery range, bringing it into scale with its previous figures based on DC’s finest heroes of the page and screen.

LEGO BrickHeadz Rey and Kylo Ren

The collectible figure trend has taken over the toy industry over the past few years, for better or for worse, but LEGO’s BrickHeadz manage to feel slightly less than an easy cash grab. They don’t come blind-bagged (what you see on the box is what you’ll find inside), and if you tire of your comically-proportioned Rey and Kylo Ren, available in a two-pack come December 1, you can disassemble each character and build a spaceship or something. That’s the beauty of LEGO, and why these collectable figs might actually be worth your time. [Twitter @LEGO_Group]

ThinkGeek Transformers G1 Ultra Magnus

How do you sell a Transformers toy that doesn’t actually transform? You’d assume no one would shell out a dime for such a disappointment, let alone the $US390 ($515) ThinkGeek is asking for its exclusive G1 Ultra Magnus. But then you see that it’s got 59 points of articulation, LED lighting throughout (including inside the Matrix chamber), and a bunch of legitimate die-cast metal parts, and suddenly you’re trying to find a way to justify why you deserve to be one of the 500 people who buy this limited edition masterpiece. [ThinkGeek via Comicbook]

Funko’s Stranger Things Season 2 SuperCute Plush Dart

If you’re still trying to avoid Stranger Things Season 2 spoilers, then what are you doing on the internet? It was one of Netflix’s most anticipated series this year, and it didn’t disappoint. If you did see it, and for some reason desperately want a version of Dustin’s pet demogorgon to call your own, Funko created a plush version featuring all three stages of Dart’s development. The smaller versions of Dart can even squeeze inside the 23cm-tall demodog, and the entire set should be available sometime next autumn. [Funko via Action Figure Insider]

Bloxels Star Wars

It’s apparently important these days for kids to learn to code, but what parent wants to sit their toddler in front of a pile of JavaScript syntax flash cards? A better place to start is Bloxels, which lets kids design their own custom video game levels using pixel blocks they arrange on a gameboard – especially now that there’s a $US50 ($66) Star Wars-themed set. Each custom designed level is imported into the Bloxels app using a mobile device’s camera, where it’s automatically converted into a playable video game level. No kid should be forced to stare at code.