The Best Portable Batteries You Can Buy In Australia

Power hungry smartphones tend to run out of juice at just the wrong time. Fortunately it’s easily avoided with a USB power bank. To help keep you connected, we have put together a list of the 10 best large capacity models available right now.

This story has been updated since its original publication.

A tiny portable power bank is all well and good, but if you want to charge your phone more than once, top up a tablet or even keep your laptop running, you need a larger capacity.

Power banks over 10,000 mAh can typically give a full charge to a totally dead tablet, or juice up your phone around over three times.

While they are a little more expensive, high end power banks also tend to come with a whole range of handy extra features.

It’s also important to note that a 2A USB port is needed to charge many laptops, or fast charge phones that support the extra current.

Avoid cheap no name brand power banks at all cost. The capacities are almost always a complete fabrication or low quality cells are used. Stick with known brands and you can't go wrong.

Luxa2 P-Mega

One of the biggest portable power banks you can buy, the P-Mega offers a whopping 41,600 mAh capacity.

It’s also got six USB ports, have of which can handle 2 amp fast charging. The P-Mega weighs a hefty 979 grams and measures in at 100 x 100 x 115mm.

It can be hard to find, not to mention expensive, but for high end capacity there is no real competition.

Shop around, but eBay can be one of the better places to pick it up.

Capacity: 41,600 mAh Tablet Charges: 4 Phone Charges: 20 Price: $189

Kogan Universal Power Bank

USB power banks are all well and good for smarpthones and tablets, but leave your laptop out of luck.

Kogan has a solution, with a power bank that can juice up other devices.

Sadly it only has a single 1.8 amp USB port, but does have a DC output and a range of connectors.

It can supply 19v for most laptops, as well as 16v and 12v.

The 12v output is actually super handy, as many small plug in electronic devices use a 12v power pack.

For example, the Kogan Power Bank could be used to run your modem during a blackout, or charge camera batteries when on the go.

It’s chunky but thin at 175 x 124 x 25mm and weighs 646g.

Capacity: 20,000 mAh Tablet Charges: 2 Phone Charges: 8 Weight: 646 grams Price: $100

OZ Charge USB Power Bank

A power bank like no other, the OZ Charge can also jump start your car or power 12v devices.

It has a 16,000 mAh capacity and dual 2A USB ports, so has more than enough juice for your phone and tablet.

It also has an inbuilt 1W LED torch (rated for 140 hours of run time) and a 12v and 240v charger.

It measures in at 170 x 78 x 33 mm and is a chunky but still portable 480 grams.

Sceptical about how well it can actually start your car? Read our full review and decide for yourself.

Capacity: 16,000 mAh Tablet Charges: 2 Phone Charges: 8 Weight: 480 grams Price: $229

APC 10000 mAh Mobile Power Pack

Recently Campbell got his hands on the APC power bank and put it to the test.

It has a 10,000 mAh capacity and dual 2A USB ports.

It measures in at a thin but tall 146 x 88 x 13mm and weighs 270 grams.

Check out the full review for yourself, but rest assured it’s a solid choice for a decent price.

Capacity: 10,000 mAh Tablet Charges: 1 Phone Charges: 3.5 Weight: 270 grams Price: $55

Jackery Giant+

Clad in aluminium and available in a range of stand-out colours, the Giant+ offers a little extra capacity over the 10,000 mAh competition.

It has dual USB ports, one of which handles 2A fast charging for your phone or tablet.

The Giant+ also has a built in LED torch that can run for a crazy 700 hours from a full charge.

The Jackery power bank measures in at 109 x 79 x 20 mm and weighs 295 grams.

If you need to save a few dollars, it’s also available as a slightly lower capacity 10,000 mAh model that is merely Giant.

Grab one through the Jackery eBay store.

Capacity: 12,000 mAh Tablet Charges: 1 Phone Charges: 5 Weight: 295 grams Price: $59.99

Kogan Universal 10000mAh Type-C Power Bank Portable Charger

With a 10,000 mAh capacity squeezed into a slim form factor, the Kogan power bank is an easy way to get a full charge into your tablet or top off you phone many times over.

The Kogan power bank has dual USB ports (one of which outputs 2A) and comes with a range of adaptors to suit everything from older Nokias, to Micro USB and Apple products.

It measures in at 130 x 75 x 25 mm and weighs 349 grams.

Capacity: 11,000 mAh Tablet Charges: 1 Phone Charges: 3.5 Weight: 349 grams Price: $49

TP Link TL-PB10400

Super easy to find at a range of retailers, the TP Link offers 10400 mAh of capacity in a very compact package.

Rather than going for the usual flat but wide form factor, the TP Link power bank is a kind of rectangular toilet roll shape.

While this makes it harder to pop in your pocket, it will slip easily into often unused parts of a bag – such as drink holders.

The TP Link has dual USB ports (one 2A) as well as an inbuilt LED torch. It’s also super easy to find for sale online from a range of retailers.

It measures 90 x 44 x 44 mm and weighs a comparatively low 241 grams.

Capacity: 10,400 mAh Tablet Charges: 1 Phone Charges: 3.5 Weight: 241 grams Price: $49

NoonTec Powa

One of the more compact high capacity power banks available, the Powa still has a 10,000 mAh capacity inside the brushed metal shell.

It measures in at 107 x 62 x 25 mm and weighs just 220 grams.

It has both a 1A and a 2A USB port and supports fast charging.

If you shop around online for the best deal, the Powa can offer great band for buck.

Capacity: 10,000 mAh Tablet Charges: 1 Phone Charges: 3.5 Weight: 220 grams Price: $55

Cygnett ChargeUp 4,400mAh

Covered in a soft touch plastic, the ChargeUp has an 11,000 mah capacity and will fully charge two phones before it requires more juice. It also comes in a range of funky coloured trims.

Capacity: 4,400mAh mAh Phone Charges: 2 Weight: 110 grams Price: $29.95



    Good updated article, thanks.

    I love my Jackery Giant+ I think it's great. In other articles testing (google it) it was able to maintain discharges much closer to the stated mAh rating than the Kogan power bank did for example. The Jackery can get over 95% of it's rated charge (you will always lose a little bit)

    I did notice the article neglects to mention it's dimensions though?
    FYI it's 10.92 cm (4.3 in) length, 7.9 cm (3.1 in) width, 2 cm (0.8 in) thick (or height) and weighs 295 grams

    If you need a much thinner unit, try the Jackery Air. This one has a 5,000mAh rating so it can charge smartphones for 1 full charge, and it's much thinner. It's dimensions are 12.4 cm (4.9 in) length, 5.8 cm (2.3 in) width, 0.7 cm (76mm or 0.3 in) thick and it weighs 153 grams.

    If you only ever charge your phone once from a battery pack, or want one thin enough to go in the pocket with your phone, this is it. Cost is more expensive though at $80. Your paying a premium for how thin the unit is. Also it only has a single 1 amp USB port.

    Last edited 08/05/15 1:46 pm

    Was expecting to see the Xiaomi Mi banks in this list, e.g. their 10400 or 16000mAh units, currently about $35/50 delivered via Mushtato in Australia (, or cheaper if purchased from overseas. The 10400mAh was positively reviewed on Gizmodo about a year ago (

      Agreed! Always good deals on them circulating on ozbargain also. I've got a couple and they're terrific!

      Just purchased a 16000mAh model from an Australian ebay seller (mushtatoo - sold 376 of them and has good reviews) for $42.50
      *edit* Also purchased the 5000mAh model for $22.50

      Thanks for the recommendation! It looks surprisingly compact too (16000mAh one).

      Bugger Jackery with their $80 price tag for a charger as thin as my phone.

      Last edited 08/05/15 4:01 pm


      I have one. The best and best value I've ever owned.

    Nothing from Comsol??

      I have the comsol 11000mAh purchased from Officeworks in Newcastle because on the train there from Sydney I had almost ran out of juice (and being visually impaired sat nav on my phone using public transport is a must have for me) watching videos and listening to music and using sat nav in newcastle to find the hotel.

      Anyway I needed one. I was desperate so I purchased it.

      The comsol got great reviews, and in testing it got 89% efficiency delivering 9848mAh.

      I recharged the phone all the way down on the train and still had over 90% charge when I got to Sydney which was heaps for the plane ride to Adelaide.

      Great little product although the reason why I have subsequently bought others is because the side USB plugs are NOT practical. Especially if your fat like me and have big jeans and can easily fit one of these in your pocket with your phone. Good luck also having the cable connected to the side of it.

    I managed to get a couple of the OnePlus Power Banks. $15 and 10000mAh. 2A output. Great quality and great price! (although not easily available in Australia)

      Wow $15 sounds like a great bargain. Was the OnePlus power bank from an OZ shop? Or was it overseas?

    Source: Ex-Ingress Player who switched packs about 3 times a week.

    You missed the best brands. Xiaomi (Cheapest local retailer is mushtato) Romoss (hard to source locally) and Anker (best found on eBay from their official Anker Ebay Store)

    All of those options use top quality Samsung battery cells that do not degrade over time as quickly as those using LG cells such as the Cygnet model and many others. Plus all of the models I mentioned can handle multiple voltages up to 2.4A depending on the model you buy.

    Personally I currently have the Xiaomi 5000mAh to take with me on long nights out and the Xiaomi 16000mAh that sits in my travel bag for a weekend away or keeping my iPad up for weeks.

    I bought both of these for a total less than $50 from Mushtato and they arrived in a few days.

      Was just wondering if you bought off of I paid with the direct deposit transfer and am suddenly sceptical of the trustworthiness. Would love to hear back from you

        Current Ingress player here, and can confirm Xiaomi is the highest quality I've ever come across. I have a 10000 mAh and will charge my Pixel from 20% to 100% in around 45 min, while playing, and will keep it there for another 4 hours of playing.

    are any of these chargers compliant with Australian em standards and are legal to be sold here?

    Very impressed with the new Xiaomi 10,000mAh power bank, much smaller and compact than the previous 10,400. Got them on a special from Well done.

    Just some days ago , I purchased Zendure external battery . Its 4 port USB charger . Its awsome product . And price very reasonable ... Good luck also having the cable connected to the side of it. More Info :

    I am looking for a portable powerpack that either is switchless or will nor switch off when there is no current draw. The purpose is to provide external power for the GPS tracker "SPOT Trace". SPOT Trace can lay dormant until movement activates it, and therefore many powerpacks will switch off unless someone tuns it back on. I am looking for constant power supply. I know I could get something packed by technicians but II would like suggestions for an off the shelf unit. The physical size needs to be in the order of current models for tablets or phones.

      Some of Voltaics batteries can have auto-off disabled, have a look at the V15 and V44 models. Hold the power button down for 6 seconds (for the pedants yes the website says 5, on the battery it says 6...)to change mode between auto-off and always-on. Also in auto-off mode they take 20 minutes to turn off, much longer than other batteries I have.

      Voltaics website

      Always-on details at

      Got a V15 from an Australian seller Multi-Powered Products as part of a Fuse solar panel and battery combo. Not the cheapest price around but I wanted it in a hurry so didn't want to wait to get one from the states. Suited my needs so well I got another about a month later.

    Hi, how about this one
    $139.00 Yikes.
    But then I looked at something else.
    How many times can the powerbank be recharged.
    Xiaomi reports 100 times. And no mention from anyone about degradation over time due to the discharge and recharges.

    Sony reports 1000 times recharge with a 90% reduction by that time!
    Can we believe their claims? Who knows. 1000 times is a lot of charging/discharging.
    But if you multiply Mushtatos current $34 for the 10,000mAh pack by 10 then that = $340! Thats quite a difference in price making the $139.00 outlay for Sony's product to seem a lot more attractive.
    I'm just not sure about their claims. And I would have liked an AC charger for that initial price as well. :-)
    So does anyone else here have any experience with Sony powerbanks??

    The Jackery Giant+ at the linked ebay store above is now $99. Fuckers. I would have bought 2, but not worth the extra $40 now.

    Anything out there USB-C I can charge my macbook with on the go.

      Try the Xiaomi ZMI QB820. Supports USB-C, USB-A, QC 3.0 and USB-PD. All in a (relatively) small package with 20,000 mAh battery. I use mine to charge my HTC10 and my wives iPad pro simultaneously. Can be had for about ~$70 when on special, not the cheapest, but the most feature rich I've found.

    I have a rapoo P370. Available pretty easily online or in specialist re-sellers. "13000mAh", aluminium cased, LED torch, 2.1 and 1 amp simultaneous charging. Will take an ipad (11,560mAh) to nearly full from flat, so the rating is probably more like 11000 (common issue - adding the single cell capacities does not really equal usage power at all draws). Not bad for round $40 :)

    Not sure, but I don't believe the Luxa2 will be allowed on aircraft. CASA rules are maximum capacity of 100WH except for laptop batteries.

    That means that maximum capacity power bank will be ~28000 mAh

    Worth mentioning that 2A output does not qualify as fast charging by quickcharge 3.0 standards, and many of the batteries listed here as "fast charge" will not fast charge your phone to this standard (if it supports it). After a fair bit of trial and error I found the Tronsmart Presto ( actually does provide fast charging, and seems to be pretty good quality too - I've had mine for a year without issue.

    I would like one that is charged using USB-C and offers QI charging.

    I know I do not ask for much......

    The real advice is in the comments. Xiaomi 10, 16 and 20k versions.

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