The Best Christmas Movie, Die Hard, Is Coming Back To Cinemas

Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Fight me.

When you think Christmas movies, what comes to mind instantly?

If it's not Die Hard, you're doing it wrong.

Dendy are on board with this as well - opening the doors for a special Christmas screening of the Bruce Willis classic.

The Newtown and Canberra locations will host the 11 December event, with a 6:30pm session that includes a "Christmas drink" and a cookie.

You can grab a ticket here.

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    I always start Die Hard at 9:57:23pm on Christmas Eve, because then it's Christmas when Hans Gruber falls from the Nakatomi building.

    So sick of people saying Die Hard is the best Christmas movie just because they are hipster doofuses or think its cool ....we all know Jingle All The Way is far superior.

    nah but seriously now, Kevin Mcallister dumps on John Mcclane.

    I love Bill (F*ckin) Murray's "Scrooge" on Xmas eve (along with Die Hard)
    Frank Cross: I didn't know Grace's husband died.
    Ghost of Christmas Present: Oh Frank, don't you remember the time she wore black for a year?
    Frank Cross: I remember her wearing black... I thought it was a fashion thing.

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