That Viral Photo Of President Trump Dumping Fish Food Is Very Misleading

Did you see that photo from yesterday of President Trump with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the koi pond? It purportedly shows Trump crudely dumping fish food into the pond as Abe looks on in horror. The photo went viral last night as people ridiculed Trump for being such a buffoon. But the photo is actually misleading.

Photo: Toru Hanai/Pool Photo via AP

Yes, Americans rightly have plenty of preconceived notions about President Trump's ridiculous behaviour. But the story that was attached to this photo, and instantly went viral on Twitter, isn't accurate. In reality, Abe was first to pour his fish food into the pond. President Trump was simply following his lead.

The two were carrying on a tradition at the koi pond, and critics of Trump were quick to point out that you shouldn't feed koi too much food.

So where did this inaccurate narrative for an admittedly stupid and in consequential story come from? The first White House pool reports. But as you can see from the video, Trump was merely doing what his host had done.

Conservative commentators have pointed to this incident as a case of "fake news" that shows just how untrustworthy the media are. And while it's an unfortunate gaffe, it's perhaps not the biggest scandal of the day.

In the wide world of media mistakes, Koigate is probably somewhere between a spelling error and posting the wrong hyperlink.

But you can be sure that we'll be talking about Koigate for some time as an example of what's wrong with the media. Because nobody is operating in good faith anymore. The year 2017 and beyond is simply a contest to see who can be outraged over the most minute details of any scandal. All while very real scandals are dismantling American democracy.



    "In the wide world of media mistakes, Koigate is probably somewhere between a spelling error and posting the wrong hyperlink."

    Is it? Both of those examples are inadvertent errors - not deliberate distortions of the truth.

    This is a great example of the media and fake news. They will jump on the chance to shame someone without getting the facts together.

      So i may have missed the articles from the media jumping on this and shaming trump. This article just says there was a photo going around yesterday. Was it just something on twitter or facebook that people were laughing at. Or were there actual news stories reporting on this out of context?

        Alot of the articles have been changed or tweaked once they saw the video of Trump throwing the fish food into the pond and then seeing the Japanese PM did it first. Out of the all the more important issues facing Trump, this was something they wanted to focus on.

    'as Abe looks on in horror'
    I guess the definition/usage of the word horror has changed now.
    Is it supposed to mean frivolous or something?
    Cause that's the impression I get from Abe's expression.

    Political polarisation and media bias are bad things?

    Well shit, stop the press.

    There's an inherit bias in this article in the first paragraph. '... Abe looks on in horror.' I wouldn't call that a look of horror.. Bemusement maybe? A slight look of amusement? The corners of his mouth, even when compensating for his face in a downwards position, are still pointing up.. unless you're the Joker, that doesn't equal horror in the world of human expresssion.

    glad i found this article to correct the facts.
    Hate when the media keeps trying to paint someone they don't like in a bad light at every petty and made up chance they get.

    Its getting ridiculous with the anti trump articles. Next they'll complain he farted in public..."BREAKING NEWS, TRUMP JUST FARTED, OMG SEE WHAT A MONSTER HE IS NOW?! "

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