Remember Scarif's Better Days With This Action-Packed Rogue One Poster

At one time Scarif was a beautiful place that served as a well-protected base for the Galactic Empire. Well, the rebels on a ship code-named "Rogue One" screwed that up, coupled with a little thing called "the Death Star". But now, this new poster lets you remember Scarif in its better days

All Images: Bottleneck

Bottleneck Gallery has teamed with Lucasfilm and Kilian Eng to create this awesome poster for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The regular edition, a 15-colour, 91 x 61cm screenprint, will be sold as a timed edition starting November 15 at 4:00AM AEDT through Friday, November 17 @ 3:59PM AEDT. The gallery will print as many as are ordered. It's $US50 ($66).

At the same time, a variant will be released in an edition of 200. It's $US60 ($79).

Blow those things up (no pun intended) to get all the little details - the ships, the soldiers. It's a great representation of one of the most colourful Star Wars action scenes of all time.

Visit this link for more info or to buy the posters.

[Bottleneck Gallery]

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