Recovered Zombies Reflect On The Lives They Have Lost In Poignant Short Less Than Human

Video: What would happen if a global zombie outbreak was thwarted - not with a nuclear strike, but a medical cure? Animated short Less Than Human examines how former zombies might approach their second lease on life, as well as how the never-infected population might view them.

Image: Vimeo

Students at Denmark's Animation Workshop collaborated on this mock doc, styled as a reporter's needlessly exploitative investigation into the lives of "cured ones". Really, it seems these former ghouls are just kind of bummed out that their lives will never be the same. They miss their old jobs, their freedom, and, it goes without saying, their rotted-off body parts. It's a clever concept - one that could probably have benefited from a longer running time, even - and the details are great; note the Night of the Living Dead poster on one wall, and the "Go back to your graves" graffiti on another.

[Everything Animated]

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