Read The Full Statement From Shadow Communications Minister Michelle Rowland On Mitch Fifield's Request Of The ABC Board To Reconsider The Date Of The Triple J Hottest 100 Here

Mitch Fifield

"Mate - just fix your second-rate NBN."

That's it.

She's got a point.

The NBN HFC Rollout Delay Could Cost $790 Million, According To NBN's Own Figures

Yesterday it was announced that NBN was putting an immediate halt to any new HFC connections while it makes "crucial upgrades" for existing customers. An analysis of the 2016 NBN Corporate Plan, approved by the NBN board and signed off by Shareholder Ministers, shows the cost of this action could cost taxpayers between $420 to $790 million.

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Australian Greens: 'Hey NBN - Upgrade To FTTP Already'

The Greens have spoken out about the NBN's "effective immediately" halt of HFC connections while "crucial work" is completed for existing customers - saying this sends a "clear signal" just a straight up Fibre to the Premises upgrade needs to be the priority.

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Turnbull Slammed Over NBN HFC Delay: 'What Have You Been Hiding?'

The Shadow Minister for Communications has asked Malcolm Turnbull the question many have been thinking. "What are you hiding from the Australian people about the HFC network? What have you been hiding?"

The question comes following the announcement from NBN HFC rollout has been "paused" - effective immediately - while work is carried out on existing connections.

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NBN HFC Rollout Halted To 'Improve Customer Experience'

NBN just announced a whole bunch of new initiatives it hopes will "raise the standard of service quality" to the Hybrid Coaxial-Fibre part of the network. To do so, new connections have been halted, effective immediately.

If you are in an area set to get HFC, and haven't already - this means you're going to be waiting at least six months longer for your NBN.

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    Doesn't your side of politics ever get sick of whinging?

    Honestly, it's relentless.

      Ah, the old "my side of politics never complains" argument.

      We just need something to do while we're waiting for websites to load...

    "Mate - just fix your second-rate NBN."

    Good point and very concise and efficient.

    If only Labor's own NBN was as such.

      *NBN rollout.

      Editing is now triggering moderation again.

      Last edited 28/11/17 12:05 pm

    Fully agree with Michelle Rowland - however as a fun fact, the new date for the Triple J hottest 100 coincides with International Holocaust Awareness Day, so if they were trying to offend less people, I guess they failed miserably.

      Except if anyone read the actual announcement by the ABC, its been moved to the 4th weekend in Jan - its not tied to any specific date.

      changing the date from the arrival of the first fleet is removing the connotation that Australia day is celebrating European settlement - a process that was marred by the genocide of the native people.

      No one could ever be mistaken into thinking that Australia day is celebrating anything that has even the remotest relation to the holocaust - its just an unfortunate coincidence (once every 6 years)

    Never foget this is the c**t who stole 30 million off the ABC and gave it to Murdoch. When asked why he laughed in our faces and said he didn't have to explain himself. Remember these anti democracy, self serving grubs are what we are up aginst.

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