Our First Look At Samuel L. Jackson’s Return To The Unbreakable Universe

Our First Look At Samuel L. Jackson’s Return To The Unbreakable Universe

The Metal Gear Solid movie has found a writer. Guillermo del Toro’s plans for a Pinocchio movie are dead. A Stranger Things star could be headed to Narnia. Plus, new footage from Coco, Chadwick Boseman on Black Panther’s tech-genius sister, and The Flash‘s Elongated Man in costume. Spoilers, go!


The Daily Mail has set pics of Samuel L. Jackson in full costume as Mr. Glass.


Shawn Levy has been tapped to direct a “coming of age story on the moon” for 20th Century Fox. In a variation on Stand By Me, the story concerns four boys investigating a crater before its permanent relocation to a different planet. [Tracking Board]

Metal Gear Solid

Variety reports Derek Connelly (Jurassic World) has been hired to write the script for Hollywood’s adaptation of the legendary tactical espionage video game franchise.


Guillermo del Toro has confirmed his stop-motion Pinocchio is officially canceled.

It’s not happening. But the idea was to do Pinocchio during the ascension of fascism in Italy, with Mussolini. It was a good time to discuss the idea of being a puppet or being a human, but you know, it’s not in progress.


The Silver Chair

That Hashtag Show reports Millie Bobbie Brown has been offered the role of Jill Pole in the latest Narnia film.


Entertainment Weekly has confirmed Princess Jasmine’s tiger, Rajah, does indeed appear in Guy Ritchie’s live-action Aladdin, after rumours emerged that Jasmine’s beloved feline companion would be absent from the film.

Moreover, Naomi Scott revealed to THR that Jasmine will also enjoy the company of a new confidante, a handmaiden named Dalia.

I never realised it, but in the animation, Jasmine is really the only female character — isn’t that crazy? The Dalia character is so important to this movie because she’s the only other female character. She may be the handmaiden but they’re best friends; they’re so close because they have grown up together. So we wanted people to watch the movie and see Jasmine’s relationship with another woman, and be like, ‘Ah, that’s what I’m like with my girlfriend,’ or ‘We would so do that if I was in that position.’ That’s something that’s missing from the animation.

Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson confirmed on Twitter that Adam Sztykiel is indeed writing the Black Adam movie.

Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman hyped the awesomeness of Shuri in a recent interview with CNET.

If anyone doesn’t think there’s a place for women in tech, it’s completely demolished in this movie. Her role is the most important. In the comic book, T’Challa is a scientist and a king, but my sister is the whiz kid. She is the one with that gift. She’s the Tony Stark of Wakanda. She’s witty, she’s cool, she’s funny. Now T’Challa is good in science too, but she’s the whiz. That’s the way the story’s been told forever. T’Challa is technologically sound. He’s a scientist as well, but she’s the minister of technology.

Justice League

Here’s the cast and crew of the film in an extended sit-down interview with the press, courtesy of Collider.


Bureaucracy lingers long after death in a new clip.


Coming Soon has a new poster of the film’s orc/cop duo haloed by a red cosmic energy that’s easily mistakable for arterial spray.

Blue Book

Deadline reports Laura Mennell will play the ’50s-set Roswell UFO show’s currently undisclosed female lead.

The Boys

Amazon will produce and distribute Seth Rogen’s adaptation of Garth Ennis’s comic book series concerning vigilantes battling corrupt superheroes. [Coming Soon]


Vincent D’Onofrio is currently prepping for his return as Wilson Fisk.

The Flash

Following her breakout performance as Amunet on this week’s episode of The Flash, Katee Sackhoff confirmed to Cinema Blend she’ll be reprising her role in multiple episodes this season.

I’m back in [Episode] 9, I’m back in 12 and 13, and potentially 14. I’m basically sort of, I get phone calls like, ‘Does [Katee] want to come back for a few days?’ And if I’m available, it’s sort of like ‘Sure!’ And that’s sort of just how the character’s gonna keep evolving.

The Orville

The crew encounters a spatial anomaly in the synopsis for episode eleven, “New Dimensions.”

Kelly discovers that Lt. John Lamarr is smarter than he lets on. So, she pushes Ed to consider him for a key leadership position on the ship after The Orville gets damaged by a mysterious spatial anomaly causing harrowing effects to all things living.

[Spoiler TV]


Alfred tries to pull Bruce out of his “teenage-angst and downward spiral” — he wouldn’t be lil’ Bruce without it, really — in the synopsis for episode 10, “Things That Go Boom.”

Gordon tries to broker a deal with Penguin that involves Sofia. Meanwhile, Alfred tries to pull Bruce out of his teenage-angst and downward spiral, as Lee Thompkins gains more control over the Narrows.

[Spoiler TV]

The Flash

Finally, new images from next week’s episode, “When Harry Met Harry,” have been released – giving us our first real good look at the Elongated Man in, err… costume? Head on over to the link to see more! [Comicbook.com]

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