Of Course The Internet Named This Australian Boat ‘Ferry McFerryface’

Of Course The Internet Named This Australian Boat ‘Ferry McFerryface’

Australia’s most populous city is getting a new fleet of inner harbour ferries, one of which, due to an online naming poll, will be Ferry McFerryface. Why should we have expected any less?

Image: AP

The internet’s commitment to the [thing]y Mc[thing]face construction has been steadfast so far, beginning in 2016 with a British research vessel dubbed – under similar polling circumstances – Boaty McBoatface. That was the name Australia’s new ferry would have also borne, based on vote totals alone. But Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance – who probably had more important things to be doing – told ABC News Australia that “given Boaty was already taken by another vessel, we’ve gone with the next most popular name nominated by Sydneysiders.”

Three other ferries in the fleet will bear the names of distinguished locals – an opthamologist, a heart surgeon and an obstetrician – and their legacies will be honoured by carrying up to 400 passengers through the inner harbour alongside Ferry McFerryface.

Though Sydney’s water transit has some restrictions on animals, at least the possibility exists for Australia’s own Horsey McHorseface to climb aboard.

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