Nobody Has Worked Out How To Pirate ‘Assassin’s Creed Origins’

Nobody Has Worked Out How To Pirate ‘Assassin’s Creed Origins’

Ubisoft is claiming a win in their war on pirates. A combination of a new release of Denuvo’s anti-tamper tech and VMProtect has so far stopped Assassin’s Creed Origins from being pirated on PC.

A new release of Denuvo is clawing back ground against pirates with several high-profile games – including Assassin’s Creed Origins, Injustice 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 – so far remaining uncracked.

Earlier versions of Denuvo were being cracked within days of new game releases. So far, games protect with the latest version of the anti-tamper software have remained uncracked.

Denuvo is intended to protect software from piracy during the “initial sales period” and it appears to be doing just that.

Ubisoft have taken additional steps and bolstered their anti-piracy measures for Assassin’s Creed Origins with VMProtect. There were rumours that these measures were causing performance issues for PC gamers, which Ubisoft dismissed in a statement to Gearnuke:

“We’re confirming that the anti-tamper solutions implemented in the Windows PC version of Assassin’s Creed Origins have no perceptible effect on game performance,” said Ubisoft in an official statement.

Whatever they’re doing, it’s working and it looks like pirates are going to have to pay up if they want to play Assassin’s Creed.