Neither Killer Santa Nor Helpful Dude Can Best The Final Girl In This Funny Horror Short

Video: A serial killer, dressed ghoulishly as Santa Claus, has been vanquished - but someone needs to land one final blow to make sure he's in the grave for good. Anyone who's seen a slasher movie will know who should swing that bat, but Nicholas Payne Santos' Holiday Fear has a wickedly fun time getting there.

Image: Vimeo

(Also... watch till the end of the credits. Could that be a tease for Holiday Fear 2?)


    So the entire reason this is "funny" is because the dude gets called a pussy? Yeah, so hilarious. I thought this was 2017. Surely we're past thinking that referring to a man as a woman's body part is funny because women are inferior to men.

    I was hoping that she'd also wack beardy-boy. Then the Director. Then the Writer....
    That was 3 min 51sec I could have, and needed, to spot the Snow Leopard.

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