NBN Releases Quarterly Earning Results, Says It Will ‘Improve’

NBN Releases Quarterly Earning Results, Says It Will ‘Improve’
Image: NBN

“We have demonstrated our ability to scale and deliver, and with the same determination we seek to further improve the end-to-end experience for households and businesses, from migration to use of the network,” NBN CEO Bill Morrow says.

Shadow Communications Minister Michelle Rowland, on the other hand, says NBN’s Q1 results – which show $405 million in revenue – are “quite disappointing.”

As of this recent quarter, NBN has 6.1 million premises “ready to connect”.

“In other words,” NBN says, “more than half the premises in Australia can order an NBN plan from a retailer.”

NBN says 2.8 million RTC premises can access Fibre-to-the-Node or Fibre-to-the-Building, and 1.1 million premises can connect via HFC.

NBN points to the Multi-Technology Mix as an example of the network’s “agility”.

But Rowland says “With every passing day, Turnbull’s poor judgement on his second-rate technology-mix is being exposed.”

“Over the past twelve months 1 million new services have been activated on Fibre to the Node – more than all the other NBN technologies put together. Yet the flatlining revenue figures show consumers are giving copper a thumbs down.”

NBN says it is focusing on customer experience, pointing to the national campaign launched to address “consumer confusion”, changes to the “check your address function” with the inclusion of the new term “ready to connect” for when a service can be ordered, the launch of a “Tech Lab” for fault assessment and remediation.

“NBN is a wholesale-only company, hence requiring partnership with retail service providers to make substantial improvements throughout the supply chain to deliver Australia’s new broadband network,” Morrow Said.

“Together, we are revisiting processes and making adjustments to make improvements at all service levels a priority.”