MSY's Website Is A Lesson In Hubris

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Pride comes before the fall. MSY Technology -- "the name you can trust" in cheap computer parts -- now has a massive ACCC court notice plastered on its website right underneath its logo, a week after it was fined $750,000 for misleading and deceptive conduct towards customers.

As part of the orders made against MSY by the Federal Court on behalf of the ACCC alongside that $750,000 fine, the company was ordered to post notices publicising its wrongdoings. This notice is just about as prominent as possible, taking the place of a promotional banner and sitting right above the company's famous PDF price lists.

The notice, which mentions "false, misleading and deceptive conduct" no less than four times, sits right underneath MSY's tagline "the name you can trust". For a company that has a reputation for being difficult to deal with when it comes to returns and RMAs, and for one that's now been fined twice -- with penalties and costs ticking over a million dollars -- it's delicious karma.

A new link in the website's footer titled 'Your Rights' now links directly to the ACCC website's customer information on refunds and remedies. MSY also now has to clearly publicise a phone number where consumers can "raise consumer guarantee issues" with a senior employee.

MSY's famously lo-fi and garish website has been visited by Aussie customers a massive 89.4 million times since 2012. According to a counter on its website, MSY answered 1252 customer calls yesterday, and completed 665 warranty returns.

(Hat tip to Saars on Reddit for the news!) [MSY / Reddit]



    I stopped dealing with them a few years back after a simple warranty replacement turned into a 3 month ordeal and a refund.

    So good to see them getting their comeuppance.

      After a month I'd just return it and do a chargeback.

    This is the second time MSY has been fined.
    You would think that they would have learned their lesson the first time, but there is no accounting for belligerence and stupidity.

    Much like Cerci Lanister's walk of shame it wont have any lasting changes to their behaviour.

      Thats OK, just fine them again. Good income stream for ACCC. Think of all the ipads we can buy for classrooms sponsored by MSY!

    I've never had an issue with RMA's from them and buy from them all the time. This whole no return unless "unopened box" issue comes straight from the mouths of the American companies and the American tech distributors operating in Australia. I'm sure it's better now than it was 10 years ago when I was in the industry, but I used to roll my eye's every time I came across customer RMA's being said no to direct violation of what is now known as Australian Consumer Law.

      Samsung used to do the same until my housemate (who used to work for them) dobbed them in. Apparently they were breaking heaps of Australian consumer laws, most notably refunds and replacements.

    I love that on their notoriously ugly website they have managed to get a scroll bar and two different fonts, yet Comic Sans is not one of them?

    I never have issues with the Canberra store, if anything is busted I take it in and they deal with it, no calling for return approval. It's only happened once, though. Very satisfied with them.

      Me either - Bought a few systems worth of parts and not had an issue, my one return went fine.

    I must be the only one that has had a positive experience. I returned a failed WD black HDD without a receipt as I couldn't find it. They couldn't find my order in their system but swapped the drive anyway. Later found the receipt and I'd actually bought the drive from Umart :) oops.

    Good on them and serve them right. I've stopped dealing with them years ago after they refused to exchange parts that they advertised on the wrong section.

    One of the only stores id be happy to see die out.

      And watch as hardware prices rise by 30% across Australia.

      What a pathetic comment.

          I do get notifications when you reply. You dont need to tag me.

          I made my comment due to the experiences ive had with several stores in VIC. All of which refused refunds/ Replacements on faulty items. And only gave them once i threatened contact the ACCC. The staff at them have always been absoulute morons. One of the managers once tried to forcibly throw me out of the store and threatened calling the police because i dared to ask for a refund on a faulty item

          So yes, Id love to see MSY die out. They are scum.

    I remember a few years ago I had to get angry in relation to a couple of ram sticks I had bought and had a receipt for. I had to get really loud and make a scene in front of a lot of customers that were standing in line. Was unfair to me and to the other people in line that I even had to get to that level. They accused me of swapping ram modules from a older pc and trying to claim them as faulty instead. I was pretty gobsmacked by the accusation.

      Thats the norm for MSY. They love you as a customer when you want to buy something. But once its faulty and you want a refund or a replacement. They treat you like a second class citizen.

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