Malcolm Turnbull’s TV Set-Ups Are An Abomination

Malcolm Turnbull’s TV Set-Ups Are An Abomination

Yesterday was a wonderful day for Australia. First and most importantly, Australia voted resoundingly in favour of Same Sex Marriage. The plebiscite should never have happened to begin with, and there’s damage to be repaired, but the outcome was a good one.

Then later that evening, the cherry on top. After a tough first half, Australia finally broke the deadlock, then steamrolled Honduras to secure a place in the World Cup finals.

For a day it really felt good to be Australian.

Malcolm Turnbull thought so too. Look at this shit.


Okay now what the fuck is this:


A TV, inside a cupboard. Centimetres from the ground.

I was almost willing to forgive that.

Then later, spotted. Malcolm Turnbull watching Australia make it to the finals. What a patriot! What a man of the people…

What the hell is this, a student share house from 2005? I pray for Turnbull’s sake he was in a hotel for this one.


Suddenly the current state of the NBN is starting to make a whole lot more sense. A pattern is beginning to emerge.

But don’t worry guys. Phil is coming to the rescue.

Godspeed Phil.