Krypton Casts A Major Superman Villain

Krypton Casts A Major Superman Villain

Jason Momoa talks about evolving Aquaman through Justice League and beyond. Jon Bernthal teases Frank’s relationship with Micro in The Punisher. Chris Hemsworth discusses what Ragnarok leaves for Infinity War to pick up on. Plus, Nightwing‘s director on casting Dick Grayson, and Deathstroke returns in new Arrow pictures. Spoilers get!


Though details are sparse, Variety reports Paramount has struck a five year deal with Hasbro’s Allspark Pictures and Allspark Animation to produce and distribute original films based on Hasbro brands, extending the deal already in place that has given us what feels like at least 70 Transformers movies already.

Avengers: Infinity War

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Chris Hemsworth confirmed that, naturally, the state Thor is left in at the end of Ragnarok (so an extra spoiler warning for that if you haven’t seen it yet) will persist into the upcoming Avengers sequels.

Yeah we carry it into the film with the eye patch you see in this film. That kind of just evolved just throughout the script process, to just keep stripping that character down, having him lose the hammer and all those things and to kind of create a broken version of the character. At the end, he sort of becomes a refugee.

Justice League

Jason Momoa stressed to fans that Justice League is only “a weekend in [Aquaman’s] life”, and it will be some time – presumably during the Aquaman solo movie – before he matures into the hero we all know and love.

It all kind of came from Zack’s mind. Aquaman wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. When I stepped into his room he told me his vision for me playing this character. The one thing I was really concerned with when I did my homework, I knew this would basically be, it’s a weekend in his life, and I just wanted to make sure the fans knew that this gruff character, this man that lives within the tides and not really accepted in two places, we needed to know where he came from and why he’s this grumpy kind of bit of an arsehole to Batman. I want people to know that, in a year, they’re going to understand where he came from. What happened to his mother, what happened to his father, and how he was treated in this world and how he didn’t know how to use his powers and sometimes he saved people and sometimes he lost people and his human side didn’t know how to cope with those things, he’d cover up those things, and so he’s hiding behind a lot of, there’s a lot of layers to this guy and I think once we do get to the solo film you get to see a man who’s going to take responsibility and help the world and become king eventually, so this one, I don’t really think that he’s, he is Aquaman – he’s Arthur Curry – but he hasn’t dealt with the trident yet and it’s coming, but just stick with it. For the people like “that’s not how Aquaman is,” just stick with it a little bit longer.

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Speaking with Fox 5 DC, Ezra Miller stated Zack Snyder’s Justice League was already more “Whedon-y” than his typical work before Joss Whedon stepped in to complete the film.

I definitely think it’s a realisation of a cohesive vision that comes. you know, mainly from Zack, and comes from, you know, the cumulative process of the building of the DCEU. And I definitely, I feel something that reflects majorly what Zack showed me in early comic frames in alot of the movie. What’s funny is that I think that Zack was doing a much lighter, more comedic, almost more Whedony thing, and then Joss stepped on and was fulfilling Zack’s vision. It’s an incredible instance of two artists in collaboration, and honouring each other’s work.

In the same interview, Henry Cavill favourably compared Hans Zimmer’s Superman theme with John Williams’.

The Hans Zimmer score is so ingrained in my psyche now, and the emotions I felt while making [Man of Steel], the emotions I felt for the character and the emotions I felt while watching those trailers when they were happening was enormous. And so, that score holds something very special for me and always always will. At the same time the John Williams score is incredibly powerful, it’s a character all to itself, and to have both of those…I mean it’s genius. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Lastly, witness the construction of Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Cyborg’s designated rooms at the Justice League Experience in London.

The Silver Chair

During a panel at Paris Comic Con, Director Joe Johnston revealed he plans for his adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ The Silver Chair to be his final film before retiring from filmmaking.


Chris McKay stated his open casting call for Dick Grayson has yet to begin.


Tom Hardy shared a new picture from filming.


Here’s the first trailer for Singularity starring John Cusack, in which a supercomputer named “Chronos” designed to “end all wars” is activated, and immediately decides the best way to do that is to kill all humans. So, it’s not wrong, exactly.


Deadline reports Blake Ritson has been cast as Brainiac, the alien cyborg villain who’s long been a foe of Superman in the comics and most notably swiped Krypton’s capital city Kandor and miniaturized both it and its population (and in several continuities, was responsible for the destruction of Krypton itself). Meanwhile, Paula Malcomson will play Charys, Superman’s great-grandmother and matriarch of the House El.


Michael Gross confirmed on Facebook he is not involved with Syfy’s new Tremors series and “if Burt Gummer appears, [he] will be played by another [actor]”.

For Tremors fans who have been asking, ‘Will Kevin Bacon return to do the films?’ or ‘Is your Burt Gummer character going to be in Kevin’s series?’ I think we can say with a good deal of certainty that the answer to both questions is no. The series is currently shooting in and around Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I have no other details. If Burt Gummer appears, [he] will be played by another [actor].

The Haunting of Hill House

Annabeth Gish will recur as a currently undisclosed character in Netflix’s adaptation of The Haunting of Hill House. [Deadline]

The Punisher

Jon Bernthal discusses Frank’s tempestuous relationship with Micro in the series:

I do think there’s a sense of humour to Frank Castle, but there’s absolutely nothing tongue-in-cheek about [their interactions]. The last thing in the world he can give a shit about is making someone else laugh.


Meanwhile, here’s another cryptic teaser for the series.


Deathstroke returns in pictures from this week’s episode, coincidentally titled “Deathstroke Returns”. More available at Coming Soon.

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