It's Official: Amazon Australia Will Start Selling Products On Thursday

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We've speculated, analysed and wondered just when Amazon Australia was going to launch. Now we have a clear indication from the online shopping giant itself, courtesy of an email that went out to Amazon Marketplace sellers.

It looks like Amazon will be launching for Black Friday after all. Sort of.

We've just received word via an Amazon Marketplace seller that Amazon will start an internal testing phase with a small number of customers from 2PM AEDT Thursday, November 23.

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The internal email above was sent to select sellers today. It reveals that Amazon Marketplace users will need to have their pricing, stock and details up to date to participate and will begin receiving orders from this date.

It's not yet clear how many customers will be included in the test group or how they will be selected. Nevertheless, it seems certain that some Aussies will be buying products from Amazon on November 23. Bring it on!



    Who else thinks this will be rubbish for the first year?

      I don't ever expect it to offer cheaper prices than what's already being offered in Australia at the moment by local providers.

      Sometimes it's cheaper to get stuff shipped over here from Amazon US than it is to buy it locally!

      I think it will have a great effect, even if they don't get many products over in the first year the competition should help reduce prices in other local stores.

      Maybe. Depends if Amazon will actually be selling a good amount of stock, or just being an 'ebay' for now.

    A while ago LEGO Australia was advertising for an account manager to specifically manage the Amazon account. Clearly they are going to be stocking LEGO products. Hopefully the prices are good because it's really easy to get 20% off RRP any time of the year.

    MISLEADING headline.. conviniently ignoring the fact that this is a pilot launch inaccesssible to majority.. I guess that undermines the much prized 'WOW' effect.. noticed the same issue with other tech sites re this news

    Their "testing phase" will be customers who are already using their prime video service. Prime is Amazon's big service for next day delivery and as part of the service is prime video. So Amazon would want to try and keep us who are using the prime video service already and would like to win us over and buy into the full service for $90 a year.

    But hey, it's just a theory.

    How do sellers get in on this? Ive signed up twice on the website form they have but no notification for me or anything as yet. We are a big online retailer on other channels, we sell in the millions of dollars per year but we have no option as yet for Amazon....

      Pick up a phone and call someone at Amazon???

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