iPhone X Thieves Reportedly Rob $479,000 Worth Of Phones From UPS Truck Before Launch Day

Yesterday Apple lifted the veil off its long-awaited, very expensive new iPhone. But before the phone was released in the US, three reportedly "husky" dudes made off with as many as 313 iPhone X devices. The phones were apparently sitting inside a UPS truck outside of a San Francisco Apple store when they were stolen the afternoon before they were released.

Image: Apple

The iPhone X may be best known for its price and screen; at $1579, the device costs more than any phone Apple has ever made, but it's also almost entirely bezel-free - save for the awkward notch at the top. Regardless of the price, Tim Cook emphasises that you could probably afford one if you'd just stop buying so much fancy coffee.

At 313 iPhone X's, CNET pegs the estimated value of the stolen goods at more than $US370,000 ($479,491). As of yesterday, the whereabouts of the robbers was unknown.

This husky trio of iPhone enthusiasts weren't the only folks to make off with a new iPhone X before Apple's special launch day - at least one London Apple fan, who was not described as "husky", found a loophole in a third-party retailer's shipping service, enabling them to pick up an iPhone X a day early. The difference there, of course, was that this poor bloke in London had to pay over a thousand bucks for one.




    "iPhone X Thieves Reportedly Rob $479,000 Worth Of Phones"

    10 Apple devices stolen, hardly cause for an article giz...!!

    That really sucks for the people who were assigned that delivery. Apple, android, whatever. If you’re excited about new tech, manage to secure one even though it’s hard to get, then get shafted by thieves.... royally sucks. They may hand to wait over a month now.
    1st world problem of course.

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